Christmas With Leap Frog! Some fantastic new releases

I always told myself,  before Oliver was born, that I wouldn’t get him too many toys. They don’t need so many toys when they’re little, at least Ethan never did. When Ethan was a baby (almost 7 years ago, eek), he didn’t mind toys, he liked them a bit but definitely didn’t need as many as he had and that’s how I came to make the resolution that I did on Oliver’s behalf, before I knew Oliver.

Turns out some babies do need toys, some babies love toys so much that they get incredibly excited every time they get a new toy and they really, really, engage with and play with toys. Oliver is one of these second babies, he just can’t get enough of toys. As such an opportunity to trial some of Leapfrog‘s newest toys, this Christmas, made me very very happy.
In case you were doubting me when I said new toys make him excited, the above is a perfect example of how happy he gets when presented with a new toy (can you imagine how much I’m looking forward to Christmas?). I, most definitely, wasn’t the only one who was happy! And that’s before we even got it out of the box.

I made sure to have the camera ready when I gave him the toys for the first time just because I wanted to make sure I could get these shots, I just knew how excited he’d be. They are totally natural, by the way, this was his totally honest reaction to being handed the toy.

We were very lucky to be sent two of Leap Frog’s new toys, the first of which is the ‘Scout’s Count & Colours Band’ – This toy is a 6 month plus toy and retails for £14.99. It features Scout, who is one of Leap Frog’s iconic characters and who is always given the same voice in order to give continuity to all of the toys. Oliver already has a few toys from the Scout range so he already recognised the voice and the character which is definitely a bonus.

The second toy we were sent was ‘Scout’s Goodnight Light’ which is a 9 month plus toy and retails fore between £9.99 and £14.99. This one features both Scout and his purple pal Violet and is more of a bedtime aid than a toy, but knowing my boys it’ll work as both.

The ‘Scout’s Count & Colours Band’ toy is one that I think will appeal to lots of little ones and parents, it has 5 different ‘buttons’ which all relate to a different instrument and are all moved in a different way – There’s a cymbal and drum which both need to be pushed, a trombone which has a slider, a saxophone which is a little like a joystick and the guitar which slides from side to side.

The toy has three different modes; a music mode, a colours mode and a numbers mode. We’ve played with it set to all three modes and they’re all great, the music one just for fun but the other two are good for introducing colours and numbers at an early age. Ethan really enjoys playing with this, with Oliver, pressing the buttons for him and making him laugh.

I thought it might take a while for Oliver to be able to use all 5 of the instruments but, actually, he’s worked all of them out already. He really likes to flap his arms along to the music, bash the buttons and laugh when Scout’s head wiggles from side to side.

‘Scout’s Goodnight Light’ is a great toy for introducing space ideas to a little one as well as for using as a bedtime nightlight and music machine. It has two modes; firstly it has a noise mode which projects stars and numbers on to the ceiling whilst either playing nursery rhymes, environmental sounds or solar wind. Secondly it has the torch mode which projects a little planet scape and talks about the plants, their names and the colours as they appear.

Oliver loves trying to touch the lights and colours, and when we project it on to the ceiling he loves to sit and look up at it all. The music is lovely, with a space related theme to traditional, well-known nursery rhymes.

I have only just realised that Oliver is pulling the same concentration face in both of these photos, haha, that’s Oliver to a tee. I recommended this toy some friends who I know are inclined towards sciencey toys and someone took one look and ordered this – I can’t say that it’s particularly scientifically accurate, but as a baby’s first space toy I think this is lovely. Oliver is totally intrigued by it and likes to sit and look at all the lights and listen to the songs.

Both of these toys have made a real hit with my little, almost, 10-month-old. I would, absolutely, recommend them for little ones in your life this Christmas. I told myself that Oliver wouldn’t have too many electronic, light up, loud toys because they never did much for Ethan until he got bigger. But, again, I didn’t know Oliver when I made that decision – He loves loud toys, he loves musical toys and toys with flashy lights and moving parts and these two really have appealed to him.

I do love Leap Frog toys and thes two didn’t disappoint, I’d love to see what other toys Scout will appear on in the future and I’m absolutely sure I’ll be adding to Oliver’s collection over the following years.

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