H&M Haul – 25% Off Clothing, baby, beauty and home

For Black Friday H&M did a great offer of 25% off and free delivery on all orders. I’ve really come to love H&M over the past year, or so, and I love picking up bits and bobs for myself and the children when there’s a good offer on,or when there’s something in particular that we need.

This is a very picture heavy post, so if there’s any particular category you’d rather see I’m going in the order of home, beauty, my clothing and then baby clothing. I got some great things and 25% off makes it even more of a good deal than normal.

First I picked up these coasters – They are only made of card so they won’t last forever but I really like the modern calligraphy font and the gold foil effect of the writing. They were only £1.99 before discount.

These three tea light holders really caught my eye as I am just starting to understand the love for copper that so many have. As well as copper they do it in both a dusky green and a dusky pink, these are the colours that our living and bedroom are going to be once we’ve decorated so they were just perfect. These feel really well made and are so so pretty.

The copper one is copper on the inside and the coloured ones are both gold inside. These were £2.99 each (before the 25% off).

I held off from going ott in the beauty section and only picked up two things – One cream lip colour and one of the cream to powder ‘cream fusion’ eye shadows.

Both the boxing and the actual product packaging for these is rather beautiful. The lipstick was £7.99 and the shadow £4.99 (pre discount).

The shade of the lipstick is ‘Cream Chesnut’ – I don’t need another neutral but it’s always what draws me in.

The shade of the shadow is ‘Dauphine Truffle’ – At first look it’s a simple middling brown but once you look at it in the light you can see it has a really beautiful shimmer to it.

Not much to say, really, this is a lovely pinkish nude. I am obsessed with pinkish nudes and mauvey nudes and I don’t need more but you really can see the difference with them all, honest. I’ve not worn this yet but it feels really creamy when swatched.

And here’s Dauphine Truffle swatched. I’m not sure if it might be a bit warm for me but I am going to see what it’s like when worn, it’s very very pretty though.

As always, in another light. You can see the shimmer a bit more here. It’s not a huge shimmer but, maybe, more of a satiny sheen.

I am really liking minky shades at the moment, on the H&M website they list it as ‘Mole’ – The top and bottom t-shirts are both in the mole colour and are both oversized with a drop hem to the back which makes them ideal for wearing with leggings. They’re both quite light and might need a vest underneath as they’re a little sheer, but it’s hard to tell if they’ll be ok when worn or not. I got all three of my tops in M.

The middle top is a grey bardot style ribbed t-shirt. I thought this would be nice tucked in to a pair of boyfriend jeans as casual bit a bit more dressy.

I am slowly building up Oliver’s clothing for the next size up, he’s been in 12-18 months since he was 8 months old so I’m now picking up bits in 18-24months. This was a two pack of tshirts but I didn’t photograph the other for some reason, the other has 4 pictures of Mickey on it, in similar neutral colouring, in a similar vintage disney style – I love them. I also got him these cute leggings with colourful stars on. He suits leggings and they’re so much more comfortable for him than something heavy like jeans.

Lastly I picked up some Miffy socks for him, He loves the Miffy themetune on the cartoon which is on the Tiny Pop channel so I thought he might be a bit amused by having Miffy on his feet. These are really thick and warm, a lovely quality, and they also have rubberised pads on the bottom to help with grip for little toddlers.

And that’s what I got. I am so pleased I got some stuff at 25% off, and the quality of everything is wonderful. I have some beauty hauls coming up soon, I haven’t done many hauls for a while but I am finally starting to get myself back a little, post baby, so am enjoying playing with beauty bits again and re-discovering myself a bit.

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