My Purrfect Christmas with Whiskas

My goodness it really is nearly Christmas, isn’t it! We don’t have decorations up, yet, but the boys have been opening their advent calendars, the presents were all bought weeks ago and most of them are already wrapped, Oliver’s been wearing his Christmas bibs and Ethan’s finished school, there’s no denying that it’s nearly here.

As organised as I am, there’s one thing I’ve not done, this year, or for the past few, and that’s something special for the cats. Now I know it’s easy to say that, once you have children, your priorities shift, but I do feel bad that I used to go out of my way to include the cats in our celebrations and now they don’t get as much fuss.

When Whiskas asked me to write, for you, about our cats at Christmas, and my memories of past Christmas’ with them it really got me thinking about it all and I definitely want to go back to including them like we used to.

We have two cats, one is more mine and the other more my Mums. Above we have Penny – I’ve had her since she was a teeny kitten and she’s over 10 years old now. She’s not your typical cat in that she’s under the delusion that she’s actually human, she has an attitude and an ego far bigger than her little furry self (as I think the photo shows). She’s obsessed with me and always has been, she always used to sleep in my room and if she wasn’t allowed in she’d sleep in the laundry basked in the hallway.

Our other cat is Misty. We’ve had her since she was a kitten, too, and she’s a very old lady now and not Penny’s biggest fan. Penny has always liked to try and play with Misty but, even before she got older, Misty was less then impressed. Misty is a very regal cat and she knows how important she is, she’s rather above playing like a little kitten, apart from every now and again when the mood takes her. She still loves fuss, though, but definitely not from the children.

I’ve shared lots of Christmases with these two and when they were younger they used to get really rather spoiled. Some years they’d get cat stockings and others they’d get a couple of little toys or a bag of treats and they’d always be wrapped under the tree along with everyone else’s gifts. When Penny was a kitten I’m quite sure I remember having bought her some special, cat food, too which I know she loved, both of the cats love their food. Though above all else, what they’d enjoy most at Christmas, was left over meat scraps, ham, and wrapping paper – As much as I enjoyed giving them their gifts, they definitely enjoy the simpler things in life too.

It may seem silly but I know many of you know that pets can be a real part of the family and it’s nice to include them, I’d like to boys to grow up seeing the cats included as that’s how I was raised and I think it helps children learn to respect animals as a real part of the household.

These days winter time is about keeping warm and their tummy’s full, for these two. Misty likes to sleep next to my Mum (which is always helpful when my Mum is trying to work from home!) and Penny is quite fond of stealing my comfy blankets whenever given the opportunity.

Last year was quite lovely as I had my big bump and Penny liked to use it as a pillow and curl up around it with her head resting on it. Now that Oliver’s here it’s definitely harder for her to come for fuss (he likes her, a lot, she’s less sure) but she loves to sneak in when she can, especially in the morning when we’re all opening our advent calendars in the bedroom (which means that the children are less interested in her haha).

Penny is crazy for ham. If you say the word she looks for some, if you open the fridge she is there. At Christmas she’s even happier because we always have a gammon joint and she’ll often get the scraps from that. Misty likes it too, but Penny loves it.

As well as asking me to write about this, Whiskas sent me some cat stockings for the cats. These really remind me of the sorts of things I used to buy for them many years ago which has made me very happy. I think this will be another way to help them keep their tummy’s full this year!

I’ve promised Skye that next time she’s here she can give them both some treats which shes’ very exicted about (she’s absolutely obsessed with both cats). Before then I know Ethan will like to give them some as he loves the cats, too, but he’s so loud and fast that they often keep away from him but hopefully a couple of choice treats can help them become friends, a little more, this Christmas.

I’ve told myself that every year, from now on, I’m going to make sure that I remember to include the cats, to make up for the years that they haven’t had a present under the tree. They are very very loved, and that means that they should be able to celebrate, in their furry little ways, along side us.

This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos.

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