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This was supposed to be a Christmas gift idea post but, according to the website, last delivery for Christmas has passed so I can’t recommend that you get these as gifts this year (the item only arrived yesterday so, for once, it’s, not me being bogged down that’s delayed the post). What I can do, though, is tell you my thoughts on the item as a general gift idea, and share an awesome quiz, which results in a money off code, as well.

I Just Love It do a huge range of fantastic gifts including some wonderful ideas for Disney fans.  Personalised gifts are a lovely way to give someone something that’s that little bit more special, too, so if you do have a gift to buy soon (or maybe you won’t be seeing someone until after Christmas so it doesn’t need to be there for the day) then their website is well worth checking out.

When I was asked to pick one of their personalised Disney items, to trial, the Star Wars Adventure book (Currently £9.99, normally £12.99) was a glaringly obvious choice – Ethan loves Star Wars and he loves books. I had no other choice.

The book contains photos from the first movie, which is nice, and the font is just perfect for a Star Wars book. Personally I find little details like that important so was happy to see this.

The personalised part of the book is really good too. You tell them your child’s name, where they’re from, their age and some friends names and they all get added in to the story at various points. Ethan’s, now, always going to have a copy of  ‘A New Hope’ with him, his brother, sister and cousin in which is just so sweet.

It’s rather funny to see how the story has been adapted to add in the extra parts so, even as an adult, it’s quite a nice idea even if these are aimed more towards children.

Ethan sat down to read the book the moment it arrived, though he was a little confused as to why I had got him a book that he already has a different version of, he really is a big big Star Wars fan.

And this is the point where he read his name and realised that he was in the story. It was so funny watching him read it because he’d be reading like normal and then a part with his name came up and he had that smile on his face again, he definitely really liked it.

I think I may get him another one of these as the idea behind them is lovely, and I may get Oliver one too – Both of them have their birthdays coming up in the earlier part of the year so I may pop them in to their birthday boxes. I’m also a little tempted by their personalised place mats as we could do with keeping the table tidier as well as encouraging Ethan (and one day Oliver, too), to engage more with meal times.

If you do decide to order anything from the site then don’t forget to check out their fun Disney quiz first. Partly because it’s fun, if you’re a Disney fan, but also because, at the end, you get a money off code to use in the store. The quiz plays you 20 songs and you get 30 seconds to listen to each song, as each second counts down you lose a point so, at the end, you have points out of 600 based on how quickly you answered. I got all of the questions right but I took my time with a few of them. I am a big Disney fan so it was fun to do.

I’d love to know how any of you score if you take part, too. And now I’m off to see how much my code is worth and decide what to pick up the boys for their birthdays.

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