Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My Treat Box UK Unboxing / Review - September 2016

I've had my September Treatbox UK for a good few weeks, now, and I was so excited by the contents that I wanted to write about it instantly but, you know, life. I look back at the pictures, though, and am still impressed at how good this month's box is, it's definitely the best one yet. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Results are... sort of, maybe, not quite in!

Oh now, how funny is that, I thought I should write a quick health update and wondered how long it had been since my last one. Popped over to check and it's a month to the day, talk about timing. I have some more information regarding my neuro stuff, and after the photo is some information about the new condition that may have come to light (I kid you not). 

If you read my last health post, here, you'll know I was facing a difficult fork in the road in which I may've had a health issue which was scary but treatable or one which is a little less scary but not treatable. Well I got my blood test results which told me it was the second of the two, still scary but not potentially fatal, but no tablets to help. 

How do I feel about that? Pretty numb right now, to be honest. I am seeing my neurologist in a few weeks and I will be running through things with him. I've been informed that it's possible to still have the former condition, with negative blood tests, so I may see what his thoughts are on further testing (it involves needles and electric currents and anyone who knows me knows needles are a big big phobia of mine but if it helps get this all cleared up then I'll do it). So I think I probably have my answer, but I'm going to hold off from explaining more as there's still a chance there's more to go before confirming for sure. 

Flower as a filler, isn't it pretty!

So, anyway, yes, I got my blood test results which said I didn't have one of the two neurological conditions. But the tests did show inflammation in my blood which may just have been some sort of infection (even just a mildly infected cut on my hand). A few weeks later, though, I developed a rash, on my face, in the shape of a butterfly. Anyone who knows anything about chronic health knows that that can signify the autoimmune disease, Lupus. I have a whole list of other symptoms which would tally with Lupus, and it would also explain inflammation in my blood. 

Hopefully it's just a random rash, but I saw a locum gp who was absolutely fantastic (she really listened, she was ever so caring and really wanted to help) and she said that she thinks it is Lupus too. So, guess what? Yup, waiting for more blood test results! 

I am already seeing a rheumatologist in November to discuss some other things so, if blood tests do indicate an autoimmune disease then, hopefully, that appointment can be brought sooner or, if not, I can discuss this with them then. They're going to love me, haha, I already had two things to discuss and now maybe one more.

So  yes. Neuro stuff is partially answered, but also maybe not. For now I am accepting that it's FND but going to nudge for the chance of the further testing, just to put my mind at rest, regarding the MG. And now we're on to the territory of autoimmune diseases. Hopefully my rash is random and my new symptoms could be explained by one of my original conditions but, for now, it's more of the waiting game. 

Sorry, bit of a non-update, but another explanation as to why I'm a bit here and there and all over the place at the moment, It's hard to get any real focus when your mind is taken up by all of these maybe's, by things that could potentially be life changing or could be nothing at all (the neurological stuff is definitely something, but the autoimmune could still not be). 

I really appreciate the understanding of the friends that I'm a bit absent with. I appreciate the understanding of the companies that I've been trialling products for. And I appreciate all the lovely supportive comments from people, both longer standing friends and readers who I've not come across before. 

Thank you

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Pink Parcel - Review and Unboxing of the August box

It's September and I'm posting the August box, naughty naughty, I am sorry! In my defence, though, when you see what was in the August box I think you'll be very tempted to try out the September box because you'll be amazed at how much you get. 

I have tried out a Pink Parcel box before, but when they asked if I wanted to trial one, to possibly review, I thought it'd be a very good time for it. Post baby the last thing you want to have to stress about is sanitary products, so having a box that sends you your products, as well as some pretty awesome extras, is a really good idea. 

When I tried Pink Parcel previously (ooh the alliteration), you could only get tampons which, for me, wasn't ideal but now you can get pads which makes it much more appealing and widens the audience somewhat. And more than just deciding between tampons and towels, you can decide which brands and which absorbancy you want which is a really helpful feature, as one size definitely doesn't fit all when it comes to periods! 

Monday, 5 September 2016

'I Heart My Lips' Lip Balms from I Heart Makeup

I feel very bad that I've not shared anything from Freedom, Makeup Revolution or I <3 Makeup with you, for a while, because they used to be one of the main brands I'd share with you all. I love their new releases and still love to see what they bring out, but with the baby and all the health stuff, a lot of posts have fallen behind. 

I was very excited to get a package from I <3 Makeup a few weeks ago, though, and even more when I found what was inside. 

I'm sure that you'll agree that these 'I <3 My Lips' lip balms are really cute, I love the little bullet shape with the heart on the end. They're, obviously, reminiscent of other lip balms that hold this form but I think they're individual enough that you can see they're from a different brand. 

The packaging has a really soft, nice feel to it and they feel like great quality despite only being £2.99 each (or £10 for all 5). 

There's a nice range of scents starting with 'Mint Sorbet', 'Blueberry Crush', 'Raspberry Fizz', 'Wild Strawberry' and 'Cool Vanilla'. 

I like all of them but my favourite two are, probably, the mint and the raspberry. I really, really, like fake raspberry scents. 

You can, definitely, tell what all of them are supposed to be, though, and they all have a nice level of scent to them. I gave the Strawberry one to my 6-year-old as he loves lip balms as he gets dry lips and he loves anything strawberry. 

I was pleasantly surprised as how moisturising these were. Low priced lip balms often only have a short term softening result but these really lasted well and left my lips feeling soft for a long time. I like them a lot. 

You can get these from the new Tam Beauty website. I think a lot of us were really hoping for a site where you could order Makeup Revolution, I <3 Makeup and Freedom all in the same place and, yay, it's finally here!

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Instagram lookback for August 2016

I've meant to do this every month but good intentions and all that. I have been making sure I post daily on Instagram, even when I've not been able to do much more, I love that it helps me stay connected to people and gives little updates when I'm not able to write full posts. You can find my Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/petitmoi_bigworld/

So, with no extra rambling, here's my Instagram lookback for August 2016.

In August Oliver has come on in leaps and bounds: He's getting super vocal and can say 'Dada' and 'MA', he can sit unaided and he's guzzling down food like tomorrow may never happen. |  Books, as always, have been a big part of the month, expect that on all months, books are always important.  |  And, unfortunately, the health stuff has been a big thing too. I've had some half answers but I still have lots of questions and, amazingly, some brand new health stuff has appeared! 

I haven't been able to crochet as much as I'd like in August but I have enjoyed the bits and bobs that I've done.  |  I've been trying to remind myself to do things that I love, every day, things for myself and this plaque from my Treat Box helps.  |  Of course August has been a very Ethan centric month, with it still being the Summer Holidays. He's been able to do some lovely things (mostly with other people) and, overall, has had a good break. 

More book stuff, of course, this necklace, from my Crime on the Pages box, is one of my favourite bookish accessories.  |  In August I've started trying to improve my handwriting. I can't do handwriting for long, due to hand pain, spasms and weakness, but I want what writing I do to be pretty.  |  And this face, again, because whyever not? I can't believe he's half way towards 7 months already, he's a delight. I am a very lucky Mummy, with both of my boys. 

It's a very quick overview of the month, but I like it. It's a nice way to show you a few things without going in to big, long, rambley, depths of information. I have managed to get a few posts up, recently, but as always we shall see how that goes. But, as I said, keep up on Instagram if you want to stay in touch, I'm always there. 

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Friday, 2 September 2016

August 2016 'Crime on the Pages' - Book subscription box unboxing / Review

This is both a happy and a sad post to be able to share with you. Happy because it shows you what I got in my August 'Crime on the Pages' subscription box but sad because September is going to be the last month. I can't give you my ambassador code to sign up as subscription sign up is closed. 

I did want to share with you what I got, though, as I think you'd be interested to see the awesome things included and, hopefully, one day, they'll come back bigger and better and this blog post will be here for someone to search for to see what they're like. I would, ordinarily, have done the post mid August but with knowing that people wouldn't be able to sign up from my post, added to the fact that I have a chest infection, things got a bit delayed.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

A quick look at 'Sudocrem: Care and Protect' - A great baby essential

Sudocrem is one of those products which is synonymous with having babies, it's just one of those things, a tradition. I had Sudocrem when Ethan was born but when I got pregnant with Oliver I discovered that they did more than just that magic cream in the pale grey pot - Now there was Sudocrem 'Care and protect'