Jojoba Company ‘Hydrating Day Cream’ – My Thoughts

In this Winter weather good skincare can be even more important than normal, the cold weather can wreak havoc on even the best skin and extra moisture can make a world of difference. When I was asked to try the Jojoba Company ‘Hydrating Day cream‘ it felt like the perfect thing to be using this Winter to keep my skin soft and stop it from drying out.

The Jojoba Company originated in Australia but is now available in a large number of countries, including the UK. Their products are natural and the Jojoba seeds originate from their own farm in Australia – I have to say it was really nice to read that as it’s very rare to be able to say you know where the ingredients of your products have originated.

The packaging of the 50ml of the Hydrating Day cream is lovely – It has a high quality, strong feel to it and the simple white and pomegranate red colouring has a nice, classy look which speaks of the high quality of the product.

Being the packaging lover that I am the flower detailing on the top was something I really liked. This pulled apart to make way for the product to come out of the box. I love how it uses the same colouring again, it’s a nice additional detail. 

The tube inside is, again, high quality feeling. It’s the same pomegranate red colour and the plastic is a soft, matte feel which is lovely to hold. I like the idea of it being a tube, and a pump, as I enjoy pumps for dispensing product but the tube also means that you should be able to get the last of the product out when it’s running low.

The bigger size comes in a rather beautiful looking bottle rather than the tube which would look lovely amongst any beauty collection.

The cream, itself, is subtly scented, it’s a pleasant smell but even if you don’t like scents you won’t notice it for long at all. The texture is really, really light, and it goes a very long way. When you think of Winter-weight moisturiser you may automatically think of heavier duty products but with this one you get all the moisture but without the heavier duty cream.

I really liked the cream. The lightweight texture means that it sinks in to the skin really quickly and doesn’t leave any residue behind at all. After using it for a few weeks I noticed that I was getting less dry patches and my skin felt much better in general. The added surprise, though, was that my skin felt much more makeup ready than normal, too. Although there was no noticeable residue left behind, it did make my skin feel like makeup adhered better. I can’t really tell you why but it definitely made me happy.

This product isn’t cheap but it’s good. The cream is vegan, which is something I know a lot of people hope for, and the ingredients are of a great calibre; I was so pleased when I read that they’re farmer on the companies own farm. When you pay more for skincare you expect a little more for you money and with the Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream you certainly get that.

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