My January 2017 Primark Haul

I, genuinely, think it’s a year or more since I last did a Primark haul! I just never manage to get to the store because I very rarely get to town, and on the times that I do it’s because we’ve been to the hospital and I’m too exhausted to do actual shopping. I’ve seen so many wonderful primark posts and videos that I’ve really felt like I’m missing out so it was rather lovely to be able to get in to store, myself, for the first time in about a year!

I took Ethan as a treat, after his dentist appointment, so that he could get a couple of new t-shirts as we’d had a big clear out of his things and he had had to get rid of some real favourites. I also picked up some bits for myself, of course. I didn’t get anything for Oliver as by the time we reached the baby section I was exhausted, and he’s not lacking in clothes anyway haha!

I was really hoping that the current Pokemon love had spread in to Primark and I wasn’t disappointed. The first thing that Ethan picked was this bright yellow Pikachu t-shirt, there was loads of other Pokemon ones but not in his size as I’d probably have got him two, he’s loved Pokemon since he was 3 or 4. This was £4.

One of the t-shirts he’d grown out of was his awesome Minecraft t-shirt, which had a Creeper on, as such we were very happy to find this in the children’s section and in his size too! I think this one was £7.

I wasn’t on the look out for dvds but when I saw this Pokemon Movie collection I just had to grab it. Ethan has a nice little collection of the movies but the chance to get 3 more for only £7 was too good to miss.

I was on the look out for Pokemon stuff for myself, as well as for Ethan, as I have loved everything Pokemon since my very early teens. I had seen some amazing pyjamas and t-shirts shared in various groups but they weren’t there anymore – Thankfully I found these Amazing Pikachu slippers instead! These were £4 and I quite wish I had got two pairs just because when these get wrecked (as slippers inevitably do) I’ll be really sad.

This was the only other Pokemon item I could find in my size but it’s rather awesome. It’s a night dress in a grey cotton with this Pikachu print on it. It’s not the height of fashion, maybe, but it’s super comfy and very cute. This was, I think, £5.

I bought this butterfly print dress with a wedding in mind. It’s not too short, has long sleeves and I love the pattern but the fabric is a little clingy. It fits me just fine but it clings in places that I wouldn’t want, especially for a wedding. I’m keeping it, as I love it so much, because it was only £12 and I’m hoping I’ll be able to wear it more comfortably if I lose a little weight.

I picked up two of the basic tees, with cute patterns, they were meant to be £4 each but I think the disney one was £2 which was an added bonus. They’re both really simple but the patterns make them a little bit more special. I couldn’t tell you which I love most as I like them both for different reasons.

Seeing as the last photo continued the butterfly theme, I’ll carry on the Disney one this time. This is a really long t-shirt but with high slits up the side which make for a really interesting fit. I really like it with leggings and the glittery Cinderella quote is lovely. I think this one was £8 or £9.

Lastly I got a charcoal, plain vest which was £1.50 and a rose gold/copper compact mirror which was only £1. Super basic, on both counts, but I really love the mirror and the vest is always useful (I have lots of sheer tops which need something underneath which is why I picked this up, more specifically).

And that’s what I got. Sorry for no photos of things hung up, I struggle to hang things on the door like I used to so I focused on prints. I think you get a good idea of how they look, though, and if you pop in to the store you’ll be able to see if the styles are to your tastes. I do miss doing Primark hauls and I hope that I’ll not have to wait so long before I do the next one. Their kids clothes, especially, have come a long way since Ethan was little, you used to get much more basic items but now the Disney and other brands are everywhere.

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