The Blogger quiz of the year – 2016 to 2017

Yes, I changed the title for my post, I’m awkward like that but I was already wanting to do a 2016-2017 type post but thought this was a nice way to be involved in something blogger related. Thanks to the lovely Vicky at ‘Being Tilly’s Mummy’ for tagging me, doing this sort of post gives me some direction rather than just waffling on for the whole post.

I will probably do a little bit, towards the end, just about my thoughts on the year, but to the questions first!

Our December 2016 in Instagram photos

‘What Was The Highlight of 2016?’

Well that’s a bit of an obvious one, I think. Having a baby is always going to be the highlight of a year, he’s been one of the biggest redeeming factors in what has been a really tough year. Seeing him and Ethan forge their bond has been beautiful too; obviously a big age gap isn’t always  the easiest but they both love each other and it’s lovely to see them both learning how to play together and ways to make each other laugh.

‘Name One Thing You Are Most Likely To Remember About 2016 if Asked in 5 Years?’

Again, it’s the year Oliver was born so you’d hope that’ll be the defining factor of the year. That said, the moment that Ethan first saw Oliver will always stick in my mind. He came back from Devon and he couldn’t help but put his hands over his mouth, he was in awe. He sat on the arm of the sofa and watched him for ages. It was such a sweet moment, when Oliver went from being a bit of an abstract idea, to being a real baby for him.

‘Sum Up 2016 in One Word’

I’m going to cheat here because I can’t have one word. The year has been such a stark difference between both the positive and the negative, and both have overshadowed the year in their own ways that just one doesn’t work. So I’m going to pick a positive and a negative.

Positive: Beautiful

Negative: Exhausting

‘Name One Pearl of Wisdom from 2016 That You’ll Carry With You Through 2017’

Don’t stop fighting. My health stuff has been an almighty battle, and the main focus of negativity, this year. But if it were down to my Drs I’d have no answers and be no closer to finding them, right now. But I have refused to stop fighting. I’ve asked for tests that terrified me, because I knew I needed the answers, and I’ve pushed for referrals to the right people who are just starting to come up with answers for some of the things that are going on. Without my will to fight, none of this would’ve happened. I don’t know what 2017 will hold, but if it holds answers then it will have been worth the fight.

‘Do You Have Any New Years Resolutions?’

I have a lot of goals for 2017, a lot of things I’d like to do and improve upon. But they’re little goals which, I hope, will add up to be bigger achievements. No outright resolutions, though, I don’t think one big thing to change for the new year will work for me, I need smaller steps to work on for the whole year. You can see those below.

‘How Are You/Did You See(ing) in The New Year?’

I was in bed, the baby was asleep, Ethan woke up crying because of the fireworks. Not the most fun New Years Eve.

‘What Would You Most Like To Do in 2017?’

I would like to end 2017 feeling like I have achieved something. I’d like to have two happy children and a happy family. I’d like to know the cause of all this health stuff.

‘What Are Your Main Goals For 2017?’

I came pre-prepared for this question thanks to a great Bullet Journal group that I’m on. A few days ago someone suggested a ‘2017 Bingo’ spread and I just had to do it – I don’t do a Lot of spreads in my journal, but something about this one really struck a chord with me and I felt like it was a fun, different way to have some year-long goals.

I wanted to make them achievable, and ones that I would manage to achieve some through the year, and some at the end, but none that I could just do outright. I wanted to have to work a little for them but not make them unobtainable.

So my goals are, as above, re-read all of the Harry Potter books, maintain by bullet journal until the end of June and, then, until the end of December, wear makeup for one day every week for a month (ok so that’s only four times in a month but that’s more than I’m managing at the moment), start to crochet a blanket made with ‘Willow’ squares, plan and write the first and then second chapters of my novel, practice brush lettering at least once a week every week for a month, read 50 books, and then try for 75, earn £50 on survey sites, read some books on gentle parenting, start, and finish, a chevron blanket for Oliver, win 5 competitions and crochet some amigurumi.

I know none of these goals are huge, if anything they show how small my life has become. But you know what? That’s ok. My life Is small because I am ill and going out, and doing things is hard and I am struggling with it. I do hope to leave the house a little more this year (Really wouldn’t be hard to do more than last year), I have obvious hopes and dreams for the boys, I would like to lose some weight, I would love to do more than I’ve put in this chart. But these are my small goals that, if put together, can make some decent accomplishments.

I hope that 2017 brings myself and my family happiness. I hope for some answers for the medical stuff and I hope to be able to just keep on enriching my life, and my families lives, in the small ways that I can manage. A big step, with chronic illness, is accepting your limitations but then building new hopes and dreams within them rather than just giving up on having hopes and dreams at all. This year that’s my focus.

I am tagging a couple of friends in the tag, only two as a lot of my friends have already been tagged, or already done it:

Jade from:
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I hope you’ve all had a great New Year and that 2017 is a fantastic year for you. Thank you for being patient with me over the past couple of years, blogging is likely to always be a lot slower from now on, unless my health improves a lot, but I plan on still being here as and when I can. 

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