Monday, 2 January 2017

The Books That I read in 2016

Another year, another book challenge. Thanks to one of my lovely friends I have been setting myself book challenges for many years, now, and it's been encouraging me to read more than I ever used to (and I've always been a big reader). Before my health got even worse, and before there was an Oliver, I was reading hundreds of books a year, but that's reduced somewhat now. 

Still, I am continuing with these challenges because I like to feel that sense of achievement and I just love books. It's one of the few things I can do on the bad days, maybe not the worst days but the bad ones, and it's something that can, sometimes, distract from some of the harder things in life. 

Anyway, enough rambling, here's what I read in 2016. You'll find some re-reads but mostly new stuff. I plan on re-reading the Harry Potter books in 2017 (as you can see in my 2017 bingo above), amongst other things, and I've set myself the challenge of 75 books which I really hope I can manage. 

In 2016 I read these 73 books: 
  1. 'The Shock of the Fall' - Nathan Filer
  2. 'Mr Mercedes' - Stephen King
  3. 'Pines - Wayward Pines Book 1' - Blake Crouch 
  4. 'Wayward - Wayward Pines Book 2' Blake Crouch
  5. 'The Last Town - Wayward Pines Book 3' - Blake Crouch
  6. 'A Pleasure and a Calling' - Phil Hogan
  7. 'The Darkest Secret' - Alex Marwood
  8. 'Tuesday Falling' - S Williams
  9. 'Her Last Tomorrow' - Adam Croft
  10. 'Me Before You' - Jojo Moyes
  11. 'After You' - Jojo Moyes
  12. 'Viral' - Helen FitzGerald
  13. 'The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf' - Nick Bryan
  14. 'Dead Witch Walking' - Kim Harrison
  15. 'The Good, The Bad and the Undead' - Kim Harrison
  16. 'Every Which Way but Dead' - Kim Harrison
  17. 'A Fistful of Charms' - Kim Harrison
  18. 'For a Few Demons More' - Kim Harrison
  19. 'Where Demons Dare' - Kim Harrison
  20. 'The Swimming Pool' - Louise Candlish
  21. 'Armadillos' P.K. Lynch
  22. 'The Missing' - C.L. Taylor
  23. 'The Mistake I Made' - Paula Daily
  24. 'When She Was Bad' - Tammy Cohen
  25. 'The Teacher' - Katerina Diamond
  26. 'Baby Doll' - Hollie Overtone
  27. 'Follow Me' - Angela Clarke
  28. 'The Girl in the Ice' - Robert Bryndza
  29. 'I See You' - Clare Mackintosh 
  30. 'Kill Me Again' - Rachel Abbott
  31. 'Dear Amy' - Helen Callaghan
  32. 'My Husband's Wife' - Jane Corry
  33. 'Tight' - Alessandra Torre
  34. 'While My Eyes Were Closed' - Linda Green
  35. 'The Surrogate' - Tania Carver
  36. 'Between You and Me' - Lisa Hall
  37. 'Anything For Her' - Jack Jordan 
  38. 'My Girl' - Jack Jordan
  39. 'The Stepmother' - Claire Sedbergh
  40. 'Unquiet Past' - Kelley Armstrong 
  41. 'Led Astray' - Kelley Armstrong 
  42. 'Omens' - Kelley Armstrong 
  43. 'Visions' - Kelley Armstrong 
  44. 'Deceptions' - Kelley Armstrong
  45. 'Betrayals' - Kelley Armstrong 
  46. 'Next To Die' - Neil White
  47. 'Blood For Blood' - J.M. Smyth
  48. 'Never Alone' - Elizabeth Haynes 
  49. 'S for Stranger' - Louise Stone 
  50. 'The Pocket Wife' - Susan Crawford
  51. 'Keep You Close' - Lucie Whitehouse
  52. 'The Other Child' - Lucy Atkins
  53. 'Truly Madly Guilty' - Liane Moriarty
  54. 'The Devil's Work' Mark Edwards
  55. 'The Stars Never Rise' Rachel Vincent
  56. 'The Flame Never Dies' Rachel Vincent
  57. 'Alone' - Lisa Gardner
  58. 'Hide' - Lisa Gardner
  59. 'The Neighbour' - Lisa Gardner
  60. 'Live To Tell' - Lisa Gardner
  61. 'Love You More' Lisa Gardner
  62. 'Catch Me' - Lisa Gardner
  63. 'Fear Nothing' - Lisa Gardner
  64. 'Find Her' - Lisa Gardner
  65. 'On The Other Side' - Carrie Fletcher
  66. 'Winter's Snow' - Carrie Fletcher
  67. 'Before I Let You In' - Jenny Blackhurst
  68. 'The Rook' - Daniel O'Malley
  69. 'Kill The Next One' - Federico Axat
  70. 'Duplicity' - Sibel Hodge
  71. 'You Sent Me a Letter' - Lucy Dawson
  72. 'What My Best Friend Did' - Lucy Dawson
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  1. Hi Laura! Thanks for reading Her Last Tomorrow. I really hope you enjoyed it.

    All the best,


  2. How do you even find the time to read so many? I've become somewhat of a book hoarder and although I love reading trying to find the time to read is somewhat of a task. I've got so many unread books now. I should be taking it easy, so maybe this is the perfect time to dive into a book :)

    - Kate x

    A British Sparkle

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