Treat Box UK – January 2017 Unboxing / Review

It’s the start of a New Year and the lovely people at Treat Box UK have made a box worthy of starting the year with new beginnings and resolution, with changes and plans for the future. As always it’s clear that the box was beautifully curated and I am loving quite how much of the box contains the stunning print that has been made for this month.

I think this is my last box from my latest subscription so I may take a break, as I have a lot of lifestyle bits building up… or you may see me post again in February if I just can’t make myself miss a box.

The sticker is jut perfect, this month, and the design is the one that you’ll see echoed throughout the box. And I think (yes I’ve probably said this before) this is the prettiest design yet. I love the blue, pink and gold floral design, it’s just stunning.

If you follow me on Instragram you have already seen this, and how much I love it. This is a full A4 sized print and if there was a quote to start the new year with, this is it! I have put this quote in to my Bullet Journal already as it’s just so perfect. And just look at the art work around it! The colours together and the gold detailing… This is getting framed and going up in either our bedroom or living room when they’re done. I couldn’t love it more.
The other two items with the print on are, as usual, the monthly calendar poster and a really beautiful note book with another fantastic phrase on it. I know we can’t just decide that a new year will be better for us but I do think there’s something in switching your focus and trying to make the best of the year, I think this note pad is a nice reminder of that. I think I’ll try to find something specific to do with this but not sure what yet.
There’s definitely a lot of paper/stationery items in this month’s box but you won’t find me complaining about that. The next two items really caught my eye, especially the black and gold chevron note book – I love chevrons and I love the gold colour so this was just perfect. The little pocket diary is great, too, I love the colour of it and all the glittery detailing.
And to the last of the stationery items! The pencil is a really nice touch, the ‘you got this’ motif is a nice detail and goes well with the other items. And I am in love with the different coloured paper clips! I was loving someone else’s coppery paper clips the other so was very happy to see these, and the range of colours is really unusual with two pink, two blue/green, two gold and two copper. I am not sure where I’ll use them yet but they will definitely go somewhere special.
Lastly, but definitely not least, we have these! The fragrance sachet is a really nice scent and will be nice to put in to our bedroom as we aren’t in there enough to burn a wax melt but could definitely do with something to keep the room smelling nice and fresh.

I haven’t used a Nivea cream in a long time but this traditional formula in the familiar blue tub is a welcome addition to my collection, I think this will be perfect to keep in my basket of bits in the living room so that if I need a cream for my hands, or any other dry spots I can just pop it on.

Lastly there’s a teabag from Bluebird Tea Co. who is a company I really love. The flavour is Mojitea which is green tea, peppermint and lime and it smells delicious, I can’t wait to try it out.

love how many items there were in this month’s box and although there’s a high level of stationery it’s all really nice and things I’ll make good use of. As to whether or not I’ll take a break or re-subscribe, I guess we’ll see next month! Treatbox is, still, my favourite box though and if I don’t subscribe again I’ll certainly miss it a lot. 


  1. Emma Carney January 23, 2017 / 12:08 am

    I'm loving the designs on everything above! I am such a stationary nut. It's becoming a real problem…X

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