What I got in my Vintage Cosmetics Company and Sephora Advent Calendars – Christmas 2016

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already know what I got in my advent calendars as I did 4 update photos to share the contents, but if you don’t I thought I’d do a quick overview so that if you are looking for a beauty advent, next year, you’ll know how these two stood up against the competition.

You may already have seen that I got a Vintage Cosmetics Company 12 day advent (which I posted about before Christmas, here), but I was also lucky enough to win a Sephora advent in Beauty Queen UK‘s giveaway back in November (you can probably imagine quite how excited I was!) so I had some fantastic things throughout December, in the lead up to Christmas. 

I opened the Vintage Cosmetics Company advents on alternate days so that the 12 days would last until closer to Christmas, and then the Sephora advent was a full 24 day one so there was something every day for that one.

The first three things I got in the VCC advent were a beauty sponge, a pretty pink hairbrush and a pink polka dot headband which is great for when face washing and applying makeup. So although the Vintage Cosmetics Company one was only 12 days the items inside were really substantial.

In the first 5 days of the Sephora advent I got a tiny pocket mirror (which, weirdly, was just a piece of mirror, no button backing or anything like that), a mini black eyeliner pencil, a clear eyebrow wax pencil a pod of peony body wash and two eye makeup remover wipes. I was quite surprised by the mirror, but that turned out not to be the weirdest thing from the Sephora advent!

The next three items from the Vintage Cosmetics Company were a set of two, large hair clips for using when styling hair, a set of eyelash curlers and three hair rollers.

For the next 6 days of the Sephora advent I got a Honey sleeping mask, a tiny leaflet with some unusual ‘feel good recipes’ in, a strawberry bath fizzer, a gorgeous blush, a gold hair elastic and some wooden cuticle sticks. A real mixed bag ranging from really amazing to… odd.

Next up from Vintage Cosmetics Company I got a powder brush, floral nail scissors and a pretty pink duo pencil sharpener.

From Sephora a pod of Monoi body wash, a blueberry bath fizzer, two nail polish remover wipes, a red lip liner, a tiny leaflet of ‘beauty tips’ and a festive red hair elastic. 

And, lastly, both companies really went all out for the last few days before Christmas! From Vintage Cosmetics company there was a set of false eyelashes, a pair of floral slanted tweezers and a set of three eye brushes (I was very excited by these).

And Sephora had most of the best things for last with some festive stickers, another two nail polish remover wipes, a pod of cotton flower body wash, a mini nail file, a full sized red lipstick, a gorgeous mono eye shadow and a beautiful nail polish.

It was great fun opening both advents and both of them contained some amazing items. Some of the Vintage Cosmetics Company items are things that I won’t use (such as hair rollers and false lashes) but all of them were impressive sized, good value items which would suit most people. I am happy with, and will use, almost everything I got.

The Sephora advent was a bit more of a muddle. I am still so so grateful to have won it but some of the things in there were a little odd. Sephora have some seriously iconic products and they didn’t take the opportunity to showcase as many of these as I’d have expected and they, instead, included some filler items which (having taken to Instagram) I know a lot of people were disappointed with. That doesn’t detract from some of the amazing full priced items in there but maybe the calendar would’ve been better off being a 12 day one, or maybe being slightly higher value so as to have had some of the eye masks and things like that inside.

That said,  both advents were great and I look forward to seeing what companies have to offer next year!

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  1. Kate Musgrove January 3, 2017 / 8:01 pm

    I feel very underwhelmed at the contents of the Sephora one. For such a big company I'd of expected more and majority of the products seem a little meh.

    – Kate x

    A British Sparkle

    • admin January 4, 2017 / 3:00 pm

      I feel like the ones that were good were really good, the others were disappointing. As far as I know it wasn't a super pricey calendar, so I expect that takes a big part of it. I hope they improve next year

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