Birchbox UK – Unboxing/Review – February 2017

It feels as though, some months, there’s barely a fortnight between boxes – I’m not sure if that speaks of the erratic schedule that the box companies have or if it’s just my inability to keep track of time, but either way it feels like barely any time since the January box arrived and here I am writing about February’s offering.

As always, if you like the look of the box, and you decide to sign up, then you can use my code: – I have really enjoyed this month’s box and, based on a sneak peak, am already looking forward to March. Birchbox is the only box I’ve kept up, whilst all of the others (and there’s been a few) have fallen by the way side. That’s not to say that I think the boxes are perfect, some months are less inspiring than others, but I have consistently enjoyed them and there’s always the odd month that blows me away.

If you feel the same way, and you sign up with my link (above) then we’ll both get points to spend in the Birchbox shop which are a great way to make additional purchases (see a shop haul coming up in the next couple of weeks).

This month you’ll either have got the green leaf design or a purple one, I didn’t realise that I could’ve picked the colour I got, as I missed the email, but thankfully I like them both. It’s another drawer style box which I’m happy to add to my collection, once we have our bedroom set up I have some ideas for how I’ll put them to use.

This month the box is in collaboration with Papier and it comes with a money off code for their website which I’ve been meaning to check out, stationery is always a winner for me.

All boxes had two items which were the same (which are, also, really good), and then the rest were the same mix of products based upon people’s beauty profiles.

First I got this Keeome ‘Hydration Therapy Mask’ – Masks are one of my favourite things to get in a box as sample sizes are just right for giving you a good idea as to whether or not they’re something you want to use more frequently. It’s nice to see more Korean beauty brands available in the UK as there’s some amazing products but they aren’t always easily available. I’ve not tried this out, yet, but am looking forward to using it. 6 of these retail at £29 on the Birchbox shop so the individual mask is worth £4.83.

Next I got some more skin care in the form of the Sebamed ‘Clear Face Care Gel’ which is a rather intriguing product and one that I put to use the moment I opened the box. The gel contains ingredients such as panthenol and aloe to help clear and heal the skin when you have blemishes, but it also contains hyaluronic acid to moisturise which is a very nice concept because so many spot treatments dry the skin rather than soften it. It, also, helps to maintain the ph levels of the skin which is supposed to combat the growth of spots, again a very interesting idea. The sample size that we got is 10ml, which is a nice size, and the full size is 50ml and retails at £5.59 which makes this a sample worth £1.11.

I got some hair care for my third item – This is the Beaver Professional ‘Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray’. I haven’t tried this, yet, but I do like the idea of a spray to add some extra moisture and control the frizz; my hair is a bit out of control at the moment as it needs a real cut. This sample is 50ml and a full sized bottle is 150ml which costs £11 from the Birchbox shop. That makes this a £3.66 sample.

The first of the two items that everyone got is this gorgeous Spectrum brush – It’s the ‘Tulip Eye Contour Brush’ from their ‘Marbleous’ collection and I just love it. I have a lot of their brightly coloured brushes but this set with the white handle, rose gold detailing and grey bristles is just the most beautiful thing! The brush is really nice, a great shape for both applying shadow all over the lid and for defining the eye by using the point. The brush is worth £5.99.

The second of the items that everyone got is this Pop Beauty eyeshadow trio in ‘Champagne Mocha’, I have had some products by this brand before but this is easily the best that I’ve had to date.

The three shades are really pretty and you could use them individually or in any combination of two, or three, of them in order to make a more complicated look. They’re simple, but versatile and would work for most people.

They swatch beautifully and are really soft, in a good way, and easy to apply. In the pan they do look a bit warm toned but, once swatched, you can see that they’re very neutral so I think that, even with my cooler toned skin, these will be great.

A full, 10 pan, palette of these is worth £15.50 so this trio has a value of approximately £5.

I think you can probably see why this is one of my favourite boxes for a while. Not one of these products will be forgotten by the way side, they’ll all get good use and are all from some great brands. I’ve been introduced to some new, interesting brands and got some great products from brands I already liked. Eye shadows or lip products, and brushes, are pretty much the best thing I can get in a box so I am very happy with that combination and I think that the overall value was good. The products come in at around £20.59, the box does have value to me and when you do your surveys for the box, and for each product, you end up with around £5 towards your points for in the store. I do think our boxes (not just Birchbox but all subscription boxes) always seem to have a considerably lower value than their counterparts in the US, but then beauty is a lot more affordable over there, and sub boxes are too.

This box, though, for February, has certainly been good value, as far as I’m concerned, and I am very happy with the contents. I have, thankfully, remembered to keep an eye on my emails so that I have picked my shade for next month’s product (only two choices but I am very excited to see the one I’ve chosen) and I am eagerly awaiting the March box in the hope that it’s as good as the February box has been.

If anyone has any subscription box recommendations then I’d love to know. Beauty, of course, but also lifestyle, maybe food, anything that you think I should check out. I miss getting my boxes and have a build up of birthday and Christmas money that could be well invested in something that I can enjoy but can also share on here!

Don’t forget to check me out over on Instagram, where I post daily, and if you do sign up for birchbox then use my link and get us both some points:

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