Saturday, 11 February 2017

Foundation sponge or brush? Testing time with Brush Works

I was sent two products to test out, from Brush works, far too long ago. I was about to explain why it's taken me so long to write about them but, my goodness, it would be a long and pointless explanation. Needless to say, there's been lots of reasons why I've only just been able to put these two products to test, but I've really enjoyed putting them to the test now that I have been able to. 

First up I was sent the Foundation brush (£5.99) which is in a familiar 'paint brush' style with a flat shape and domed bristles at the end. I really like the strong, black handle and the purple ferrule, it has a nice look to it without being too over the top. The shape of the handle, too, is very pleasant as it fits comfortably in the hand, the curves make it much more comfortable than a totally straight version. 

Next I have the complexion sponge (£4.99) which I was really looking forward to trying. The shape is a familiar one, most sponges either being a normal egg shape and others with this more tiered effect. 

I like the purple colour of this, continuing the colour of the brushes, as does the pink of the packaging. The sponge, as the package says, can be used wet or dry but I prefer to use sponges wet. 

My skin is not at its happiest at the moment and, as such, it's not been easy finding a foundation that sits nicely. I have found a few whilst trialling these, though, and I do think that they have both been doing a good job. 

I use the sponge wet, when you run it under the tap it grows a considerable amount which is always a good sign. I do feel like, if you use a very thin foundation, it still soaks up some of the product but not to the extent that you can't use it. As you'd expect with any sponge of this type you bounce it on the skin to apply the foundation and I do feel like it does a good job, especially when you consider that it's a very good value option. It feels good in the hand, I think that the tapered shape helps with that, and the pointed end is really good for getting in to the narrower spaces such as around the eyes and nose. 

The brush was a nice surprise as I'm not normally a fan of this brush shape, I find that they leave a really streaky finish. This one, though, didn't. I used it to smooth the foundation on like a paint brush, but then I used it a little like a buffing brush afterwards and it worked much better than I thought it would. The bristles are really soft and silky and the pointed end is, again, great for getting in to the small areas. I definitely think that this brush will remain a staple of my collection and I am pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. I may have to reconsider my feelings for this style of brush in the future! 

There's loads more in this brand's range and I am tempted to try out a few more bits at some point, especially their Multitasking brush. 
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