Makeup Revolution ‘Illuminating Fixing Spray’ (coming soon) and I Heart Makeup ‘Fast Love’ palette from Tam beauty

A couple of bits from Tam beauty came through the letter box and other day and I was very excited to see what was inside – I’ve ordered a few bits from them recently, but didn’t post about them because I wasn’t doing so well health wise so it’s nice to have some things to show you all. These were sent, completely by surprise, but I have been very happy with them and, so, looking forward to sharing my thoughts.

As a quick warning, this post is very very picture heavy, haha, but I think it’s worth it!

The two products are the Makeup Revolution ‘Pro Fix: Illuminating Fixing Spray’ and the I Heart Makeup ‘Fast Love’ palette (Currently £4, in the sale, normally £8.99). The spray isn’t out, yet, it’s due for release, on the Tam Beauty website, on the 6th of March.

I’ve tried a number of fixing sprays over the years but I’ve never tried an illuminating one as I’ve been wary of them being glittery and shimmery which isn’t something that I’d like over my whole face. As such I was intrigued when this arrived because it’s totally new to me and I wanted to see if my original concerns would be founded or not.

The previous Makeup Revolution fixing sprays have looked good in a white bottle, but this new packaging is really cute, it’s certainly caught my eye. I love the rose gold part of the nozzle and the little gold spots all over the bottle, it’s very pretty whilst still not being over the top.

One thing, with setting sprays, is that some of them can have a rather strong alcohol smell, this one doesn’t and that’s a real bonus for me. It does have a scent but it’s very subtle and doesn’t linger so it gives it a real advantage over other formulas I’ve tried in the past.

When you spray this on the back of your hand, as we bloggers do, you can definitely see some super fine shimmer but, weirdly, when you try to capture that in a photograph it doesn’t show up but, what you do see, is a brightness, a lightness to the area.

I’ve worn this over makeup a couple of times, now, and found similar. On the face (because it was more diffuse than on the hand) you can’t even really see the shimmer but it certainly adds a glow, a luminescence, to the skin and leaves a really nice effect. I was very, very pleasantly surprised and won’t, instantly, assume that this type of product is going to make me look like a glitter in the future.

I haven’t used it enough times yet, to comment on the longevity with all of my foundations, but the two that I’ve worn it with have definitely sat nicely on the skin (more so than normal) and I feel like they didn’t get all flakey and patchy as quickly as they normally would. This product is definitely going in to my regular use drawer as I think it’ll be beautiful in the spring and summer months.

The other item in the package was this ‘Fast Love’ palette by I Heart Makeup – I’ve just recently done a palette clear out as I had so many but I am very pleased to get something new to play around with. I don’t wear eye shadow as much as I should because of my hooded eyes, but, actually, I’ve started finding ways to make it work better for me and I think this palette will be a great way to discover some more looks.

As I said above, this is normally £8.99 but is currently £4 in the sale, so better than half price, so if you like it you want to make sure you snap it up quickly!

The palette contains 10 matte shades and 22 shimmer/glitter/satin shades in a range of colours. It’s a mix of shades that you don’t always see together focusing, primarily, on neutrals but with some added blues, pinks and purple for colour.

The first 5 matte shades are the sorts of colours you’d expect from any neutral palette but they’re done very nicely. There’s a mix of warn and cool tones (which is always a winner) and the pigmentation is good. As you can see the middle shade is very pale, but still shows up on my super pale skin. I like the last shade, the most, as it’s dark but not too dark and would be great for a simple colour to add definition to the eye.

The second line of mattes is a lot more different and much more my sorts of colours. I love the two pinky toned nudes and the grey is really unusual but so so pretty. The last colour is another that almost totally blends in to my skin tone, probably a perfect lid colour for me. I think, next time I use this palette, I’ll use the lid colour and either the second or fourth colours together, it’s very similar to the look I did for my wedding, very simple but it works.

As always I’m going to show two pictures of each of the shimmery shades as I think it’s important to show them in different lights/angles. The first shade is really, really, beautiful; a really dark, almost black, with a brown shimmer to it that really brings it to light, a real favourite for me though I’m not sure how I’ll make use of such a dramatic shade (am currently thinking power liner).

The middle colour packs some serious punch, just take a look at that super shimmery silver! The pinks aren’t really for me but they both swatch nicely, the first especially so, if you like bubble gum pink in an eye shadow then this one is really for you.

The second part of that first row is another mix of colours and neutrals but leaning towards blues rather than the pinks of the previous photo.

The first shade looks like a grey in the pan but, on the skin, it’s a very grey toned blue with glitter running through it. It’s one of those shades that I’m not sure what I’ll do with but I feel like I want to find something as it’s really pretty. The bright blue, on the other hand, isn’t my thing but, again, is a great example of that sort of shade for those who are a fan.

The more neutral shades are all really well pigmented and apply very nicely, they have a good level of shimmer and not too much fall out.

Every time I get a palette like this and come across a gold/green/khaki sort of shade I say how much I love it and can’t wait to use it. And you know what? I never do. So this time I made myself grab the Spectrum brush from my Birchbox and put it straight to use. I used it along side a gold shade and am really happy with how it came out, this sort of shade makes me very happy and I am intent of making full use of it this time.

The next five colours are mostly shimmers, as you can see. The black has some glitter particles in it and, as you’d expect with this type of formula, you will get some fall out from it but it is very pretty. I really like the second shade, it’s a super dark plummy brown shade with some gorgeous shimmer in it.

As beautiful as the purple is, it’s probably not going to be a regular use colour for me – That said, my step daughter has been asking when she can wear makeup and this is Exactly the sort of shade she’d like.

The last two shades are beautiful – I love the deep brown shades with golden shimmer and this is a great example of that combination. The last shade, as you can see, is very similar to my skin tone but it does have a really nice, subtle shimmer to it. I can see this being a great, every day use, shade. 

This last six are much more typical neutral shades, but, as with all of the others they’re particularly nice examples of them. The formulas are great and they have  a beautiful level of shimmer.

The first two, although beautiful, are probably a bit warm toned for my skin, but the last four are just perfect for me.

I think that the third shade and the fifth shades are my favourites from this row, they’re really very pretty and exactly my sorts of colours.

As I said before, this palette is currently better than half price so, if you love it, make sure you don’t delay! The spray isn’t out until March but once it becomes available I’d really recommend giving it a go especially if, like me, you always assume things like that will be too glittery and not for you – I was very pleasantly surprised and can see it taking the place of my regular spray.

This post contains press samples – See disclaimer here


  1. Kate Musgrove February 16, 2017 / 6:10 pm

    I already owned the palette after it being sent to me previously so I gifted it to my Mum. It's a pretty palette nevertheless.

    – Kate x
    A British Sparkle

  2. Ebba February 17, 2017 / 6:25 pm

    So great colours! Another one "must have" for me! Regards from Sweden! 🙂

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