My Super Simple, Minimalist Bullet Journal

If you haven’t heard of Bullet Journals I’d be really surprised. The concept is everywhere at the moment and, to some, I’m sure it seems like a bit of a fad and you’re waiting for the next craze to come along. But, this time, I can confidently tell you that there’s good reason why Bullet Journalling has taken off in such a way, and why I think it’s here to stay – It works. For so many people this style of planning is a real life changer and, I for one, can see myself using this system for the very, very long term.

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 For those who don’t know much about bullet journals the original video, the original concept, can be found here – I could explain it myself but there really is little point when it’s done so well by the creator of it all – Just click ‘Watch video’. It’s where I started and it makes so much sense.

Many people have adapted the system to suit their own needs, which is part of the beauty of it, and some stick much more closely to the original concept. For some a Bullet Journal is a hugely creative place for drawing, for elaborate pages and for filling out whole months at a time – They make theirs much more in to a hand drawn journal.

Personally, mine’s much more minimal. Mine follows the original idea as it’s that that drew me to it in the first place. If I wanted to have a whole month drawn out ahead of time then I’d buy a planner.

So for those interested,  here’s a little peek inside my bujo.

 There are certain pages that I do every single month. The first of those are a monthly log and a monthly list. These pages allow me to make wider plans, to cover the whole month. I fill it in at the beginning of the month and add to it as different plans emerge. I use the log for appointments and fixed plans and I use the list as a way to give me focus for the month but without the restrictions of any tighter time limits.

My next two pages would be classed as ‘collections’ and I do the same two every single month – I do an Instagram page and a ‘Books’ page. The Instagram page allows me to loosely plan my month in photos, and my books page records what I’ve read in any one month which makes my yearly list much easier to keep updated. My Instagram page is already, nearly, full for this month which makes planning ahead so much easier.

The other page that goes at the beginning of every month is the ‘food’ page. We don’t meal plan, as such, as my Mum orders the food, but when the delivery arrives I look through it all and try to plan what we’ll eat every day – This is subject to a lot of change but it helps look back and see patterns in our eating habits as well as giving a little bit of guidance on a day-to-day basis.
And, the next page you can see is my beginning of the month. I don’t write out grids and layouts for the month, or even for whole weeks, as the original system shows, I do daily posts one after the other, I don’t start a new one until the previous is done. This means I can miss out a whole day, or I can have a really long day and there’s no such thing as running out of space or having blank space. If something doesn’t get done on a day then I either move it forward to another day or pop it back in to my monthly list to be assigned to a different time.

The only, small, way in which I deviate from the original system is by using slim washi tape to section off a small area, most weeks, to put in a few ‘This week I need to’ points. I don’t do it every week and I will put it in whenever, sometimes after Monday, sometimes after Friday, depending on when a group of things comes to mind. This way I have some goals, but they’re not too rigid and they just fit in to my week whenever they fit rather than there needing to be a firm structure.

For those of you with super busy lives this may, initially, make little sense to you – How on earth do you plan ahead? But don’t fear, there’s an answer to that and it’s called the ‘Calendex’. If you look at the previous picture you can see on Wednesday 12th December I wrote in a hand ultrasound appointment for January which may seem a bit odd. But that’s how the Calendex works – You write appointments in on your current day and then you flip over to your calendex. In there you find the corresponding date and you pop in the symbol used, you write in what page it’s on and then you can always find your appointments. So from the Calendex shot, above, you can see that I have appointments in March and April and if I pop to page 79 I’ll be able to find details of them all. Honestly, it works.

I don’t do a lot of collections in my journal, but I do some. My favourite, at the moment, is my Bujo Bingo which is where I’ve set myself some yearly challenges and whenever I complete one I colour n the box.

Some people keep their collections separate but, again, that isn’t very in keeping with the system, the idea is that you put a collection on whatever blank page you have next and then you just write it in to your index so that you can find it. Again, may seem chaotic to some but it really does work.

And that’s my journal. It’s not overly pretty, but I do love my washi tape. It is purely functional and it has, honestly, changed my life. The only problem that I do have is that if I forget to put something in there it may as well not exist, haha!

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