Our First Thoughts on the Schleich ‘Farm World Starter Set’

With the big age gap (almost 6 years) between the boys it’s really nice when there are toys that they can play with together. Ethan’s mostly in to lego and computer games which are, unfortunately, not overly Oliver friendly (lego is one of the toy types which has to be played with in his room) but he does enjoy playing with figures too and this is something that they have started to do together.

And that’s what came to mind when I was offered the chance to trial the Schleich Farm World Starter Set – Something for the boys to enjoy together.

And here’s what the Farm World Start Set contains – a baby donkey, a sheep, a cow and a rooster all for the price of £14.99.

If you’ve ever seen/owned Schleich toys before then you’ll know that you are paying for quality. Their toys are beautifully well made, very sturdy and so accurate (they have dinosaur figures with feathers to reflect current beliefs on the evolution of dinos, I Love that!).

I honestly don’t think you can get figures as good a quality as Schleich which is why I think they’re, absolutely, worth a slightly higher price than more basic figures. The donkey, especially, is one that I love as although all of them are amazingly well painted, they have captured the youth and cuteness factor that you get with a baby donkey, it just really is very true-to-life.

As you can see from the labels the figures are for 3+. As such I want to make it clear that I’m not suggesting giving toys to children younger than the recommended age – These are, definitely, toys for Ethan (who is 6) but he has gone on holiday this half term so I haven’t been able to get photos of him with them.

Oliver will be able to play with them, though, on a supervised basis. He’ll be playing with them with Ethan with a ‘not in the mouth’ rule. He’ll never be allowed to play with them without being watched, until he’s bigger. Some may call me over cautious, as there’s no small moving parts on these, but I’d just rather he didn’t chew them.

His ‘Look at this!’ face
Sensible stuff out of the way, what do the boys think? They both think they’re great! Ethan is going through a ‘aww that’s cute!’ phase and he thinks these are particularly cute, the sheep is his favourite and when he comes back from his holiday he says he wants to keep it in his bedroom with his other toys.

Like me, Oliver’s favourite is the donkey, it makes him really smile and he played with them really nicely. As with all figures (other than ducks) Oliver thinks that these farm animals go ‘Raaaar’ but that might have something to do with his obsession with dinosaurs and those being the first bigger-boy figures that he’s played with.

We have, though, been using them to help teach Oliver the real animals, and the noises they make. Ethan loves to make the animal noises to Oliver and he thinks it’s hilarious – I think they’re going to be a great way to teach Oliver and reinforce a love of farm animals for Ethan.

I think that we’ll invest in some more Schleich figures – Oliver will certainly need some of the more realistic dinosaurs when he’s older, Ethan would enjoy some more of the farm collection and my step daughter, Skye, may be getting a cat and one of the many beautiful horses for her birthday this year.

You can get a wide range of the Schleich animals from Smyths toys, along with the Farm World Starter Set, and there’s so so many to pick from.

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