The new ‘Skin Kiss’ highlighter range from Makeup Revolution

I have another exciting new Makeup Revolution release to share with you today and I have to admit that I’ve been loving having their new products pop through the letter box, unannounced,  recently as there’s been some really outstanding products from the lovely people over at Tam Beauty.

I was sent all four shades from the new Makeup Revolution ‘Skin Kiss’ range which are all highlighters in a variety of shades, and even in different formulas. As you can see Makeup Revolution are still powering ahead with that on trend rose gold look and it works so, so well with these. I really love how the compacts look, simple, yet very very pretty.

The range consists of three powder highlighters in ‘Ice Kiss’, ‘Peach Kiss’ and ‘Golden Kiss’ and then one cream product in the shade ‘Bronze Kiss’.

Even the external packaging is really appealing with these, the boxes all in their corresponding shades and with that beautiful metallic finish. I love the sunburst pattern on the three powder products. Not long after these arrived I had to surrender the boxes to the baby, he was absolutely entranced by them, he likes anything shiny and he now has a collection of shiny boxes that he stares in to when the mood takes him. What can I say? The kid has good taste!

These are all £5 each and they are all available on the Tam Beauty site. The compacts are big, heavy feeling and nice quality and they all have a mirror in the lid which may not be an essential but it is a really nice added bonus.

I’ll start with the product that I was least sure about as it’s the most different of them all and it came as a pleasant surprise. I love products that are a cream formula so this had me, initially, excited but when I saw the shade of it I was a little less sure. Thankfully looks can be deceiving!

Although this looks like a very orange toned, very dark bronzer, it really is nothing of the sort. In fact the formula is very light and the colour is very very sheer, rather than being a strong bronzer shade, this offers up the most beautiful golden glow which you can use very subtly or build up to make a more powerful look.

This was not the easiest product in the world to swatch because it really is that subtle. I had to really build this up in order to make enough colour to show on camera – Towards the right side of my hand you can see that deeper golden glow but that really did take a lot of product. Further to the left, though, I applied it much more lightly and you can just see a really soft golden sheen.

I really did think this would be a totally unusable product for me but, actually, I think that with a gentle stippling application I could use this to make a really amazing golden highlight and I am really looking forward to using it.

First up we have ‘Ice Kiss’ which is a very white coloured product with a very stark shimmer to it. It’s quite the universal shade and would suit most skin tones.

‘Peach Kiss’ looks a lot darker than I expected, in the pan, but thankfully when applied/swatched it’s nowhere near as intense. It’s a very beautiful pinky/peach toned highlight. It may, actually, work as more of a blush topper if you built it up a bit more too.

And, lastly, ‘Golden Kiss’. As you’d expect it has that more yellow toned base to it but the shimmer it gives isn’t too overpoweringly warm toned, as you’ll see in the swatch, as I was worried that that’d make it unusable for someone like me but I don’t think it will be at all.

Keep in mind that I really built these up so that you could see them. When applied lightly, and sheered out, they are not at all as intense as this. These swatches are more for you to see the base colours and see how beautiful the shimmer is.

And it really is very beautiful. All three of them are stunning as highlighters of various shades but, equally, they could be used to add shimmer to a blush of a similar shade. You can either apply them very gently or really build up the layers depending on what you’re looking for.

The powders do have a bit of fall out but nothing too bad and they are so so pretty. With spring settling in, and summer on the way, these are going to be a beautiful way to brighten any look. I love the range of shades and, even more, that one of the products is a cream formula too.

They maintain the expected price point for Makeup Revolution and they continue the quality that we’ve come to expect too. Highlighters and lip products are amongst my favourite beauty items and these really don’t disappoint. 

This post contains press samples – See disclaimer here

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