Vosene Lice Repellent Range for Kids – Time to Test

Lice. It’s one of those words that fills any parent (or teacher) with dread. It makes you uncomfortable and a bit squirmy because no one likes to think of the little critters, or deal with them. But they are, unfortunately, a fact of life, especially when you have little ones.

We’ve been using tea tree on Ethan’s, for a while, and I can’t say if it’s a coincidence or if it’s worked, but we’ve not had a occurrence of head lice in over a year so when Vosene offered to send us some of their lice repellent range I was intrigued to see if having the products all in one would be equally as successful, and much more convenient.

I snapped this shot when he wasn’t looking the other day, he was recovering from being poorly (hence the pyjamas) and looking a little ruffled so I thought it was a good example of what his hair gets like only a few hours after being brushed.

Ethan has naturally messy, rather curly hair which he likes to keep long which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a bit of a nightmare to keep nice and also to keep lice free. He got them a couple of times during Year One of school and we were desperate to find a way to stop them returning.

As I said, previously, we had used tea tree, already, and were happy with the results but I hadn’t, actually, bought any Vosene as we always had other products to use up. The Vosene lice repellent shampoo is a 3-in-1 formula and it promises to clean, condition and help keep away lice; three things I am always a fan of.

The shampoo has a refreshing smell and foams up nicely upon application, Ethan certainly didn’t complain about using it and I like the lemon element of the smell. The bottle is 250ml and only costs £2.54 so you really aren’t breaking the bank.

I still like to use conditioner with Ethan’s hair because it’s so curly and fly away but, on the odd occasion that we’ve used this without his hair is still lovely and soft plus very clean and, thus far, we’ve had no lice.

The other product in the range is the Conditioning Defence spray. We’re a big fan of sprays to use after a bath because, as you can see in the photo above, Ethan’s hair is very unruly and, as such, can be a nightmare to brush without upsetting him. Anything that helps with tangles is a relief to both myself, my husband and, of course, Ethan.

The spray does a good job and we definitely plan on keeping this in our cupboard because if it keeps lice away (so far so good) and keeps away those tangles then it’s a real winner in my book.

The bottle is 150ml and also costs £2.54 so another bargain and a little goes a long way so I can’t see this needing to be replaced all of the time.

I have to say we’re pleasantly surprised by how well such an affordable brand works. Ethan’s much happier without tangles and without itching, I’m happy that it doesn’t cost a lot and we’re all happier with a less stressful bathtime and hair brushing time, a win for the whole family.

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