World Book Day 2017 with Scholastic

I think you’ll be hard pressed not to notice that it’s World Book day, today, there are children in costumes, photos of them with their favourite books and posts all over the internet about the best costumes to send them to school in (There’s some amazing ones out there), it’s everywhere! One thing I didn’t know, though, is that it’s the 20th anniversary of World Book Day which is really fantastic to think about, that so many people, over so many years, have been inspired to pick up, and enjoy, books.

When I was approached by Scholastic to feature a couple of their books for World Book day it was an instant yes. We love books, and by we I mean all of us. I expect you already know I’m a huge book lover but most of my family is and both of the boys already are too (yes, even the 1 year old).

Scholastic have a special, World Book Day 2017, Book Club (which runs until the 5th May) which has a fantastic selection of books in it. Including those for the littlest in your family up to books for your tweens and it includes so many recognisable characters, such as Wimpy Kid,  and well known authors, like David Walliams, that there’s bound to be a book for everyone.

The best thing is is that you can use your £1 World Book Day voucher online (throughout the book club), so even if you can’t get to a book shop or an in person book club event then you can still use your voucher! I’m looking forward to helping Ethan pick out another book (or two) when he’s home to use his voucher on.

 It seemed fair, when I was asked to pick two books to feature, to pick one for each of the boys so I opted for a board book for Oliver and a new Pokemon book for Ethan (I was surprised that there’s one that he doesn’t have!)

I went for ‘The Highway Rat’ (£2.99) for Oliver because Ethan and I have always loved the Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffer books an this one comes in a board book format which makes it Oliver friendly now, he doesn’t have to wait until he’s bigger. He loves paper books but he get’s a bit over excited with the pages so we tend to try and steer him towards the board books. I didn’t even know you could get the Julia Donaldson books in board book format so that was a nice surprise!
 Talking of surprises… Just had to give you a moment there, this is Oliver’s surprised face. He genuinely gets surprised, and excited, over new books at only a year old. You can’t believe how happy this makes me!
He doesn’t need any prompting, he turns the pages and makes some adorable ‘reading sounds’ with his books, I’ve never known a baby as young as him be quite as obsessed with books, even Ethan wasn’t and he was a proper little book addict from a very young age.

I thought that the ‘Pokemon: The Official Adventure Guide’ (£4.99) was the perfect book for Ethan as he has a few Pokemon books already and he has read one of them so much that the pages have started falling out (not down to lack of care, he really has read it That much!). He reads all sorts of books from Roald Dahl to Dr Seuss and from Pokemon to Minecraft so it was hard to pick just one book for him but seeing as he’s gone to school today dressed as Ash it seemed very fitting.

I love World Book Day and everything that it encourages in children. I am not a fan in dress up and like it when the emphasis is put back upon the books rather than the best costume, but anything that gets children excited about books and taking part is good in my mind.

I am really pleased that the world book day voucher can be used on the Scholastic site, as well as 20% of any order over £10 being given  to your chosen nursery or school, as we often aren’t able to get to a book shop so here’s to hoping Ethan hasn’t lost his voucher between here and school when he gets back this afternoon!

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