Family Friendly Treats from Hotel Chocolat – The ‘Happy Easter Hamper’

Ethan’s been really excited about Easter for a while, now, he loves the idea of a time in which chocolate is the sole purpose of celebrating (we don’t follow a religion so it’s all about the chocolate in our house). Ever since the Hotel Chocolat catalogue fell through my letterbox a few weeks ago I have been excited too and when the lovely people at the company offered to send me something from this year’s Easter range I was even more excited.

I picked the ‘Happy Easter Hamper’ as, for the past few years, I have loved the look of some of their quirkier Easter products and I have really wanted to try the ‘Eggs & Soldiers’ amongst a few of the other items included. This hamper costs £35 but, as you can see, is totally full of amazing things so it’s worth every penny.

The hamper is almost entirely family friendly with, only, ‘The Egglet H Box’ containing chocolates with alcohol in which is nice considering it’s such a child driven celebration. It’s also appealing to me as I do enjoy the alcohol filled ones but I prefer ones with non-alcoholic flavours.

The widest variety of flavours comes in the shape of the ‘Egglet H Box’ which contains 15 ‘egglets’ in a number of different types of chocolate as well as flavours ranging from the likes of ‘Champagne’ to ‘Salted Caramel Cream’ and ‘The Bees Knees’ to ‘Salted Macadamia’. I really enjoyed a lot of these and even the darker chocolate ones were really enjoyable even though I often find darker chocolate to be really intense.

The ‘Eggs & Soldiers’ are the thing I wanted to try out the most. I seem to be easily pleased when it comes to gimmicks such as this but I just love how cute these are and how much detail Hotel Chocolat have gone in to in order to make these look accurate (I love the little orange patches to show where the soldier has been dipped in to the egg, so sweet!)

As well as the amusing nature of these I was excited about the flavours, the milk chocolate truffle egglets are right up my street and praline is one of my favourites. I haven’t tried a lot of pralines in white chocolate but the combination is delicious.

My husband and I have been eating the ‘Salted Caramel Puddles’ as I write this post and my gosh they are good. Hotel Chocoat is, possibly, the only place I’ve tried that do salted caramel properly. I am a huge fan of salted chocolate and salted caramel and Hotel Chocolat put actual, sizeable, chunks of salt in theirs and it just works so perfectly.

The Salted Caramel puddles are large chocolate drops in a caramel chocolate with chunks of crunchy caramel and salt inside. They are wonderful and as much as the hamper is family friendly I feel like these are far too special to share with little people who don’t appreciate the best chocolate (or maybe I’m just trying to justify eating them all myself haha).

I, for some reason, wasn’t expecting the ‘Caught On The Hop’ slab to be this big – I have had slabs before and they must have been this size but when this arrived it seemed much bigger than I was anticipating but that is hardly a bad thing.

As per the name this is a huge slab of the 40% milk chocolate which is a gentle, creamy milk chocolate and ever so tasty. It’s adorned with a white chocolate bunny and some cute carrots and is simple, but rather perfect too. I think the children may be allowed to share this one… maybe.

The last item in the hamper is the ‘Caramel City Bunny’ selector. The bunnies are so so cute and definitely going to appeal to the littles and I expect that the caramel centre will satisfy any sweet tooth. These are just a perfect little Easter gift and, if you broke the hamper up to share with family then anyone would be happy to get these.

I am so happy with the hamper, I love the variety but the fact that almost everything errs on the side of being more mellow. That’s my sort of chocolate but also means that I can safely share most parts of it with my whole family. These would make great items to break up in to individual gifts or maybe to run a fun little Easter hunt, that said it’s also a wonderfully indulgent gift to yourself so if you’re that way inclined then delve in and enjoy!

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