The Curated Combination subscription box – June 2017

I was browsing a discussion about recommended subscription boxes, as I haven’t been feeling overly excited by boxes over the past few months, when I saw someone mention ‘The Curated Combination’ and was intrigued. This box is made by bloggers, for bloggers, it’s released in very limited quantities in the hope that the blogger who buy it are inspired to write about what they get. For £12.50 they promise to avoid the foil packets and give products really worth writing about (and it certainly looks like they deliver!).

When the box first arrived I wasn’t sure what it was, they haven’t invested in chic packaging or fancy branding and you won’t find me complaining about that. As nice as pretty boxes are, the contents are far more important!

And here’s what I got! (Normally I’d do more detailed photos but kids, sunlight and life, need I say more?)

I have to say I am always a fan of boxes which aren’t too tied to beauty, I love little lifestyle elements and that was certainly catered for in this box.

Starting from the top the box includes a 2017 ‘Stigu’ planner. I’ve heard a lot about this brand of planners so, the moment I saw the name, I was impressed! I absolutely love the design on the front and although it’s June, the planner is worth more than the box itself so only having it for 6 months would be amazing value still. I, actually, haven’t kept the planner as I am far too devoted to my Bullet Journal but the day the box arrived I wanted to take part in a ‘Random Acts Of Kindness’ thread in my favourite group in which people offer up unwanted items for other people to enjoy – In steps the Stigu (and the cranberries actually), so although it’s not been useful for me, it’s gone to a home in which it will get the love it deserves. A planner in a box for bloggers is an amazing idea and I would love to see more stationery in subscription boxes. These are normally £16.90 but this design is currently on sale at £11.27.

As I said above the dark chocolate cranberries went to a new home, too, simply because I’m not a dark choc fan. But food in subscription boxes is yet another winning idea.

I was incredibly excited to see the ‘Makeup Geek’ blush pan in the box. I have wanted to try MG for the longest time and a blush is a great item to try from a new brand. I got the shade ‘XOXO’ which is a gorgeous, bright, corally pink and will be perfect for the summer. These are worth £7.95 which is great to get in a box.

I’ve never heard of ‘Crazy Angel’ self tan before, but then I’m not in to tanning. Looking for it on google it seems to retail for close to £10 and the Solait mit from Superdrug is £3.49. Every year I am tempted to try some fake tan, and if I did I would certainly opt for a gradual formula so I am considering giving this a go, especially as it’s a medium, I wouldn’t be looking for a dark tan on my super light skin.

Lastly, another brand I’ve not heard of, in the form of Knight and Wilson. I always like the look of beachy hair sprays to give texture but have never really tried them much so I will be giving this one a go. I can’t find this product online, much, but it’s listed as being £7.99 at Superdrug which is another decent priced item.

I feel like the box has been really well thought out, there’s a strong summery theme with the beach hair, self tan and summer-colour blush but you can see how the blogger elememt is still strong when you consider the planner. Not being able to find exact prices I can’t tell you a detailed value but it works out at around £40 which is good when I paid £12.50.

I am happy that I got a mix of brands which I’d heard of, and not, as well as the variety of the products and everything being full sized. Sorry for the heavy word to photo ratio, if I manage to get hold of next month’s box I’ll be certain to try and take more photos.

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