Thursday, 20 July 2017

Glossybox 'Hello Summer' - July 2017 Unboxing

I cancelled my Glossybox a while ago as I just had too many samples. I do still have quite a lot of samples but am getting much better at using them and I saw that, for July, Glossybox had a product in it that I really wanted so I thought I'd re-sub for a month or two and see how it compares to other boxes at the moment. 

If you decide to subscribe, yourself, you can use my referral link which will get you £5 off your first box and will also reward me with points towards a box of my own:

This month's theme is 'Hello Summer' and the box is so beautifully summery! I love the warm coral colour and the gold font is so pretty. I don't keep boxes as much anymore but if I do keep any this will be one to go in to the permanent section. Summer boxes often contain products that aren't as useful t me (lots of travel things, swim proof stuff and sun screen) so I was interested to see how suitable this summer themed box would be.

And here's what I got! You'll be right in noticing that I got almost all full sized products and the one item that isn't full sized is a massive 100ml so it might a well be. I have to say I am very impressed by the size and variety of this box. 

It's the 'Spectrum' fan brush that I wanted to get the box for, I love Spectrum and have wanted to try a fan brush for a while now - It's worth £4.99 and (Due to a special offer code) that's almost what I paid for the box in just one item.

I love the cute 'Macaroon' lip balms you can get now and, interestingly, bought one a few weeks ago. Thankfully this one is very different so still has a place in my collection. This full sized lip balm by 'Cute Balms' is slightly tinted and in the shade/scent 'Crushed Berry'. This retails at £5.99.

Next up we have yet another full sized item in the form of the 'Bellapierre' banana setting powder. I've tried more budget brand banana powders but they've been a bit too yellow for me whereas this one seems to blend in to even my super pale, pink toned skin. This is worth an impressive £25! 

The only item in the box that I have no use for are the 'Papanga' spiral hairbands. My short hair renders these useless but I am sure I'll find someone that I can pass them along to. There's three bright, summery coloured, bands in the box and that's worth £4.99.

The only item in the box that isn't full sized is the 'MONUspa' soothing after sun lotion but at 100ml it feels like the most amazing sample size. This is one of those items that you hope to not need but if you do need it it comes in handy. I don't spend much time in the sun but when I do, even with cream, I often burn so I will be keeping this right at hand. The full size of this is 180ml (and costs £19.95) so this is worth £11. 

All in all a really good box. Summery but very useful products and some interesting looking brands. The overall value is £51.97 which is a pretty great total! And don't forget, if you want to sign up, use my link to get us both some money off!

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  1. I love those kinds of hair bobbles its such a shame they wont be good for your hair! great box review.

    Abigail Alice x

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