My first MINA (3INA) Makeup Haul – Review and swatches

I’ve called this my first MINA (or 3INA)  haul because I have already made a second order and, so, know that there’ll be a second haul in the not too distant future. I discovered this brand when I was trying to buy some shoes from Asos in February and needed an extra item to get free delivery. I wear cream eye  shadow much more than I wear powder, so, a cream eye shadow from a new brand seemed like a great add on.

MINA is a brand who started their UK presence in a store in Covent Garden last year (2016) but are originally from Sweden. They can now be found in Selfridges on Oxford Street, as well as their original store and, more importantly for those of us not in London, are also stocked online. They can be found at Asos as well as their own website

To cut a long story short, I loved the cream eye shadow and before long I knew I needed more shades and to try some more products from this brand.

So here’s my current collection. I have two of their ‘The Cream Eyeshadow’, one ‘The Lip Pencil’, one ‘The Lip Gloss’ and one ‘The Shiny Lipstick’. You won’t see me mention the lip pencil in this post, though, as (clever me) I forgot to swatch it and, as such, I think I’ll save it for my second haul rather than delay this post. Though if you want to know the shade I have is 503, and you can see more about that next time.

As you can see the packaging is really simple but really rather stylish. I love the white with the appropriate coloured banding. It has the sort of look that you’d expect for a more expensive brand but, actually, a lot of their prices are incredibly reasonable – In many categories they have an ‘essentials’ products which is less expensive and then offerings which have different formulas and cost a little more, but not much at all. Add on the fact that the website has free shipping on orders over £10 and you can imagine how happy I was to order.

The actual product packaging also has that slightly more premium feel with it’s matte, almost rubberised plastics, and glass jars. Again the design is simple but, for me, it works. You wouldn’t expect that this is a brand who has products for as little as £2.95 (which would be their essentials eye liners and lip liners).

Let’s start with lips. The lipstick I picked is from their ‘The Shiny Lipstick’ range and I got it in shade 206. I would try to describe that shade for you but, actually, there’s little point as I am really quite rubbish at it. It’s my kind of shade, though, especially with this sort of lipstick.

As you’d expect from a lipstick that’s marketed as ‘shiny’  the formula is very sheer and that’s why I chose it. I like sheer lipsticks as I feel they’re a little more forgiving and a good product will still have some longevity to it, which this one does.

This lipstick was £7.95 which is a touch more than your average high street lipstick but really not by much at all (their essential lipstick is only £4.95) and is far far below what you’d expect for a higher end brand (which their formulas really do rival).

I’ve worn this a few times now and I really, really like it. It’s not something that lasts all day but it wears in a way that I didn’t feel like I needed to top it up too often either. The shade is beautiful and the formula is exactly what I look for.

Next up, but still with lips, we have ‘The Lip Gloss’ in shade 112. It wasn’t intentional but both of the lip products I bought were very similar shades though the gloss is actually far more pigmented.

I go through phases with glosses and a lot of the types of glosses I used to like are not my sort of thing anymore. This one, though, is exactly what I want from a gloss. The colour is beautiful and not at all too sheer, the formula isn’t sticky and feels wonderful on the lips. The thing that surprised me the most about this was how well it lasted. You don’t wear a lip gloss for longevity but this one you do. It lasted far longer than any other gloss I own, easily, and looked beautiful for a really long time. These glosses are £7.95 too.

This was the cream shadow that started it all. In the shade 313 it’s the product that I fell in love with after only a few uses. When I first opened it I was a little surprised as I’m used to solid formulas rather than light, almost whipped, ones like this but something about it certainly works.

What I like is that you can use just a small amount for a lighter look or you can seriously build them up and get something far more intense.

Ordinarily I’d think that this was too warm for my skin but something about it works (maybe it’s that ability to sheer it out a bit). Isn’t it just beautiful?

And when it catches the light, so so pretty.

Another thing that surprised me about this was the longevity. Now I can’t talk for all of the shades, as they do have quite the variety of textures even within this formula, but my gosh this lasts and lasts! On the times I’ve worn it it’s not creased at all, it’s been there and not budged all day. I don’t know how it’d behave if it were more built up, maybe it’d crease then, but for me it’s perfect.

This is the second cream shadow that I got and it’s in the shade 313. This one is very different to the previous as it’s more sheer and a lot more shimmery and even a little glittery but it’s still absolutely gorgeous.

It’s almost a rose gold shade which, I’m sure, will make it rather popular. It’s ever so pretty but you do need to build it up a little more to get proper coverage. That said the sheer, more shimmery look is very nice, if different to what I normally go for.

Slightly out of focus, sorry, but this was the best one to show you the gorgeous shimmer. I think I need to wear this one a lot more to enjoy it to the full.

Both cream shadows are £8.95.

And that’s it, so far. My next post will have 3 new purchases in it and the lip pencil swatched too. I have another shade of the shadow creams, a blush and a concealer on its way so I look forward to being able to show you some more types of product rather than just lips and eyes.

The only thing I think I’d change about this brand is that I’d hope for some more wearable colours. The brand focus is a lot about boldness but for someone like me I want their formulas but in colours which are more suitable for me – A lot of the colours are bright and unusual which is fantastic (something missing from a lot of ranges) but some more neutral lip colours and cream eye shadows would be amazing (I’d love their cream shadow in a cool toned gold/bronze/neutral type shade, yes!).

That all said, I love the products that I do have and I hardly neeeed more makeup so I shall just enjoy the shades that I have! Stay tuned for the next haul and I’m also contemplating some photos of the products worn, we shall see.  


  1. Sarah-Louise Bailey August 21, 2017 / 8:49 pm

    I am loving those eye shadows they are totally colours I would go for so I see a shopping spree coming on soon!

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