Back to School 2017 – With some help from Vosene

I expect you’ll read this about a thousand times over the next week or so but (I never promised to not be a cliche!) I cannot believe that it’s almost the end of the summer holidays. Whilst they’ve felt long and tiring on the more difficult days it, equally, feels as though I’ve barely taken a breath since Ethan was saying goodbye to his infants school and I watched him perform in his leavers assembly ready to begin in Juniors this September.

I have tried incredibly hard to be prepared for him going back but despite all my hard work there’s still that normal mad rush when I have realised the things I’ve forgotten, last minute of course.


Vosene, very kindly, offered to send us a back to school pack to help us with the transition from late mornings and long days at home to early starts and the school time rush. I was very grateful as, as much as I’m looking forward to a slightly quieter house for a few hours a day, the start of a new school year can be pretty overwhelming for both parents and kids.

I’d like to say we’re totally prepared but we’re not quite! The folders that we were sent have made me think I’d like to be much more organised this year, I think I’ll save them for when Ethan starts coming home with all the various bits of paper that I know will arrive, I can keep different colours for different letters and have less of the desperate scrabble to message the other Mums and ask if they can remember ‘what date they’re meant to go to that place and what are they meant to take with them?!’.

We have most of the uniform sorted, trousers, polo shirts, sweatshirts, book bag and half of his PE Kit are all washed and named but I managed to miss that he needs an outdoor kit, too, so the last minute hurry has been about getting him a sweatshirt and trainers to add to his already rather full PE bag, I understand why they’re much bigger this year now!

Ethan’s had a hair cut, new shoes are on their way, his nails are trimmed and we’ll be continuing washing with tea tree shampoo such as the Vosene one. I honestly don’t know much about the science behind tea tree and knits but my personal anecdote says that it works enough that we need to keep using it – Only a few months ago we had knits in the house, I think we must have picked them up from the doctors. How did I know Ethan didn’t bring them home from school? Well he didn’t have them even though other members of the family did, and he’s the only one whose hair is always washed in tea tree. You won’t find me stopping using these products any time soon and I really recommend them at the beginning of the school year as prevention is far easier than the cure!
Am I ready for him to go back? Desperately, yes… And desperately, no. It’s one of those mixed feelings we have as parents – We miss them when they’re not here, but equally the time and space away from them can be a bit of a breath of fresh air.

School is a good time because he gets to run off a lot of his energy, see his friends, keep busy and then come home and be so pleased to see me because he’s missed me! Yup, at seven, it’s still ok to admit you miss your Mum when you’re at school.

I won’t deny, though, that half an hour, or 45 minutes, during Oliver’s nap time will be very appealing on school days, the chance to sit back and read, maybe have a cup of coffee or even a nap with him. That’s a part of school time that I enjoy, just a short space of time to myself which, as I’m sure you know, is a rarity as a parent.

All that aside, I am ready for the new school year. I’m looking forward to seeing what interesting things Ethan learns, I’m looking forward to seeing what his new school think of him and what he thinks of them. He had fantastic SATS results which was so lovely, despite how I feel about them, as a rule, and I think it’ll  be great for him to go forward with the school knowing his strengths and where he has room for improvement.And, of course, school time means a little bit more one-on-one time with the littlest one, a bit more attention for him and some time to play and have fun without a, sometimes, boisterous big brother to be loud and in his face.I’m sure, in a few weeks time, I’ll be lamenting that I blinked and it’s already half term. I am a cliche but I do apologise for that fact! Now I’m off to help Ethan get his bed room tidy for the start of term, seems like as good a time as any.

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