Glossybox UK – September 2017 Unboxing

Going to try to keep this brief as I may have rambled a little in my last subscription box post, but it can  be hard to keep things simple when the contents are so interesting and I do feel like the September Glossybox has some real gems.

I have been quite happy since I signed back up to Glossybox and will keep my subscription at least one more month as I am enjoying the mix of products included in the last few months. This month saw the return of soft pink, iconic, box which any Glossy subscriber will know so well. I do like the patterned boxes but the plain box is rather lovely too.

And here’s what my box contained – I feel like this is a really well rounded box and have never had a full sized perfume in a box before, which was certainly a nice surprise.

Starting with the very top of the picture you’ll find an extra which will always make me smile, I love Kinder Beuno’s and although not what I expect to find in a box this certainly put a big smile on my face! Next we have the perfume, a full sized 30ml Jeanne Arthes ‘L’Eau de Rose’ which is worth £20! A big leap from the sample vials we often get this was a nice surprise though, unfortunately not one I can make use of. The description says that this is a modern reinvention of rose and I totally agree that, to begin with, it was different enough from other rose scents that it didn’t give me a headache. Unfortunately before long it got a much more rosey scent so my headache started – Thankfully I have a friend who loves Rose scents and she’s more than happy to take it off my hands.

I love the brand Pixi so was happy to see that familiar green packaging when I opened my box. I’ve not tried their ‘Brow Tamer’ clear brow gel before but it’s exactly my sort of product and at £12 it’s a very welcome addition to the box.

Believe it or not, despite them being everywhere, I’ve not tried one of the silicone sponges which have been released as an alternative to the beauty blender. As such I was very happy to see the Stylondon ‘Siligel Blender’ in my box – I’ve not tried it yet but once I’ve decided which foundation, from my collection, suits me the most at the moment I’ll be excited to try it out. This is worth £5.99.

I’m not, entirely, sure whether or not the Monu ‘Firming Facial Oil’ is full sized or a sample because I’ve found a few different listings for it online but normally the 30ml full sized comes in a bottle with a dropped rather than a plastic bottle. Either way this facial oil smells amazing and I love facial oils in general so I’m more than happy to give this a go.

Lastly we have a tester kit from Cetaphil – This contains a three step system including a cleanser, a facial moisturiser and a body moisturiser. I’m a big fan of the cleanser so another sample sized bottle certainly isn’t a bad thing.

When you consider that the perfume, alone, is worth more than the box then you can see that this is a good value month. Despite being a bit disappointed that I can’t use the perfume I’m really happy with the box and I’m always glad when I can make someone else happy by passing an item along. As always I look forward to seeing what’s in next month’s box!

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