My first Powder Beauty box unboxing

I signed up to ‘Powder’ as I was given a money off code which made my first box half price and I was intrigued by a box that seemed to have an awful lot to offer. I’ve had many conversations with friends about how we’re over saturated with beauty boxes but what we don’t have a lot of is boxes that cost a little more and are a bit more premium (such as Glossybox in the US and Boxycharm over in the US too) – I know we do have some options for this type of box but we seem to have a lot more of the £10 boxes with tiny samples.

Powder Box, though, is a little more expensive (£15 plus postage or less if you sub for longer) but offers more full sized and some really premium brands along side some more affordable ones and that’s the sort of box I feel like I’ve been looking for. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for offers, as I said I got this box half price and they’ve recently been found on Groupon too.

I’m not entirely sure why but my first box, despite signing up in August, was the June box. I was told that because it’s my first box this is standard, I’m not sure if it’s because it was a half price box or if it’s just the way the system works. Thankfully the June box was pretty good so I don’t mind at all. I already have my September box and look forward to showing you that too. Anyway, on to the box!

The products came in a really large, drawer style, matte effect pink box. I keep a lot of old beauty boxes but I feel like these are some of the better quality that I’ve had and I definitely want to keep hold of them for storage ideas one we have our bedroom sorted out.

And I got these eight products. I believe that each month is 8 products and that there’s always some full sized as well as some samples. I’m not going to list all the sizes and values as, as you can see, that’s a pretty impressively valued box, the nail polish and lip product alone pretty much pay for the box. You can see, though, that most of the samples are really nice sizes with only one being on the really small size.

So, what I got. Top left we have an Elemis ‘Hydro-Boost Day Cream’ which has some really interesting ingredients including hyaluronic acid, marsh samphire and starflower oil – I won’t pretend to know much about the second two but I do know that my skin loves hyaluronic acid so I’m looking forward to trying this. Just below that we have a sample of the REN ‘Evercalm Ultra comforting Rescue mask’ – I like REN, I love their masks, so this is a great sample to get and will go along nicely with the Elemis.

I was very pleased to see the Burts Bees ‘Oil Cleanser’ as I’ve heard great things about this and they’re a brand I really like. I love love love oil cleansers so I am really looking forward to giving this a go. The Organic Pharmacy are a brand I don’t think I’ve tried before and I am intrigued by the idea of an ‘Antioxidant Lip Balm’. I have a lot of lip balms but they’re one of those products where I don’t feel like you can have too much!

The diddy little pot of product is the Skyn Iceland ‘Icelandic Relief Eye Cream’ which is something I’m looking forward to trying. Although it’s only a tiny sample, the full size is only 14g and costs £38 so this is still a pretty impressive sample so I’m very happy. That said, I think that the Smashbox ‘Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick’ in the shade ‘Driver’s Seat’ was the product I was most excited about simply because I’ve had some Smashbox lip products before and they’re fab. I love the colour of this, it’s almost a pinky terracotta with a slightly neutral tone to it, I don’t know, I’m bad with colours but I know I like this.

The last two items are rather fantastic too. The Ciate ‘Gelology Nail Polish’ in ‘Dangerous Affair’ is a shade I don’t think I have and I’m a big fan of their polishes. A full sized Ciate in any box will always impress me. I’m looking forward to using this and think it’ll be spot on for Autumn/Winter. Until I got this ghd ‘Advanced Split End Therapy’ treatment I didn’t even know that they did products as well as appliances. This is a treatment which you seal in with heat which means it might be the only item in the box that’s not suitable for me as I don’t use any heat on my hair – That said it’s an impressive sample to get and I’m very happy with it.

Honestly been really so happy with this box. When you consider that there’s various skincare items, makeup and hair care, when you look at the product sizes and when you see the variety and quality of the brands… I’m impressed.

If you want to know a little secret? The September box is amazing too! So keep your eyes peeled for that one as it contains some awesome products.




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