Powder Beauty Drawer ‘unboxing’ – September 2017

After enjoying the June Powder Drawer, which I received when I first subscribed, I was really looking forward to seeing what September’s box would contain as I was really impressed with my first experience and I’ll say, now, that the September box did not disappoint.

Powder Beauty drawers are a little more expensive than your standard box at £15 (plus postage) (though less if you sub for a few months at once) but for that increased price you get a considerable amount more products than in other boxes and some really impressive brands and full sized items too.

Please forgive me that this is the leaflet for the June box, I seem to have lost my place holder pic for the September box and don’t want spoilers to come up in my feed as this is a relatively new box still.

But, as with June, the September drawer is beautifully made, very strong and powder pink. The products come exceedingly well packaged in a thick nest of paper worms which means that I feel confident that fragile items are less likely to be damaged than they would in boxes where the items just bounce around in transit.

As advertised this box comes with 8 products ranging from full sized to sample sizes and I’m quick to say how impressed I am by this month’s contents. I’ve not looked up the prices of each item yet but, having googled one thing, I’ve met the value of the box with just that one item!

Starting from the top of the image we have the St. Tropez ‘Express Face Sheet Mask’ which comes in at an impressive £7.50 (average price) which is not a cheap single use mask! This is the item that’s least suitable for me, from the box, so you’ll probably see it in a giveaway in the not too distant future, because I’m not a big self tanner. As far as an item in a box, goes, though I’m impressed at both the brand and the value plus I can see this being a really fun product to use for those who do tan, and one that’s good for a subscription box as it’s not something you’d want to pay out for without knowing if you like it or not. As well as tanning the mask offers moisture as it contains Hyaluronic Acid which is a massive bonus as far as I’m concerned.

Next up we have the Palmer’s ‘Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo with Vitamin E’ and ‘Repairing Conditioner with Vitamin E’ – These are listed as two items but, with the size that they are, I certainly don’t mind that. At 50ml each these would do a few washes even for someone with really long hair and definitely enough to decide if they’re a product you’d like to try again. The full sizes of these are 400ml for the shampoo and 250ml for the conditioner and both retail for around £4 – I haven’t found sample sizes for sale anywhere so I’ll base their value on this – The shampoo works out at about a 50p value and the conditioner 80p. Although these are small value samples I’m really happy to get them as the products sound like something I might want to use in the future so trying them out now is ideal. I love coconut and coconut oil related products so this is a winner as far as I’m concerned.

Next up we have that £15 item in the shape of a gorgeous, full sized Nails Inc polish in the shade ‘Uptown’. There were a few shades as possibles and I’m thrilled that I got this one as I love the soft dusky pink shade and I love Nails Inc polishes in general. To be honest the moment I saw the polish I was happy, it pays for the whole box and I’ll get a lot of use out of it when I start painting my nails more often again.

Another impressively priced product is the Eyeko ‘Skinny Liquid Eyeliner’ in black. This isn’t a full size but a travel size, but even then it’s worth £9. I don’t use much in the way of liner but I know that this one is meant to be good so will be happy to pass it along in that aforementioned giveaway at some point.

A brand I’ve not heard of before is Seacret – Their products are said to be infused with Dead Sea minerals  which is rather intriguing. Sadly I can’t find a price for them other than in Australia where they are $24.99, so as an estimate I’m working out that these are around £15 in value which seems an awful lot for makeup wipes but when this brand has a bar of soap that costs £24.99 it pales in comparison. Certainly an impressive item to receive and I’m interested to find out what they’re like.

The penultimate item is one I was really happy to see in the box and that’s the Magnitone London ‘Wipe Out: The Amazing MicroFibre Cleansing Cloth’. I’ve got one of these from another brand which works really well and, so, I’m really happy to have another. This one is smaller than my other but I can’t see how that’ll make any difference; these cloths only require water in order to remove makeup and they do a really good job. These comes in packs of two for £15, so an individual one is worth £7.50.

And lastly we have the Lee Stafford ‘Coco Loco Light Serum Spray’. This is one of those brands that I’ve always meant to try but never have, whilst having heard lots of good things. I don’t use a lot of hair styling products, hair styling when you have chronic illness is not easy at all, but a spray that claims to be light weight whilst making your hair glossy and smell nice is always going to get me interested. And, thus far, it works! I’ve only used it once but it smells so good (for a coconut lover anyway) and has made my hair so so shiny without adding weight to it like other oil products tend to do. This is a full sized item and is worth £6.99, it goes perfectly with the Palmer’s items and I’m really excited to add it to my hair care routine.

So there you have it, a bit wordy, sorry, but I really felt like I had a lot to say about this box. The value (with my guess for the face wipes) comes in at £62.29 which is a fantastic value. What I like, more than the value, though is that all of the items are usable for the majority of people. Sometimes with boxes you get a tiny sample of an expensive full sized product which means that it’s not much use, even if it’s high value. I won’t use two of the products but they’re still things that a majority will use.

Yet again you can say I am very happy with Powder Beauty Drawer.

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