ASOS do a beauty box now!

That’s right, ASOS do a beauty box! Ok so you might all already know this, I might be telling you something that’s common knowledge, but I was excited and I’m sure anyone who didn’t know this will be too? I am rather grateful to the lovely Sarah from ‘Life In a Break Down’ for helping me get the box as I love it.

The box that I have isn’t available, now, but there’s two other boxes on the site now – They’re not a subscription service, you don’t get a box each month, and I don’t even know how often the new boxes come out, but it’s one of those things I’ll be checking every few weeks in case something as awesome as the one I’ve got comes back up.

ASOS beauty box

The products arrived in a white box with a holographic ASOS logo on it which is rather pretty. The boxes are £12 (and if you spend £20, or have the premium membership then postage is free) and you really do get some great items inside. There are, currently, two boxes still on the site which you can find here and here.

Contents of ASOS beauty box

And here’s what I got! 6 items in total, most of which are full sized, and the only sample is a good sized sample. All the brands are ones I either love, or wanted to learn more about so I really was so happy with all of this.

The only item I’m not sure I’ll use is the Rimmel ‘Radiance Brick’ it’s ever so pretty but I just don’t use bronzer much, I do think I’ll be able to find a good home for it, though, and it’s really nice to see full sized high street products in a box.

Everything else is a winner for me but I was particularly happy to see a 3INA product as, as you may have already seen, I’ve discovered them recently and rate them really highly (you can see my first 3INA haul here). The product in the box is their ‘Eye and Lip Makeup Remover’ which seems like a really good product to put in a box as any beauty lover will need makeup remover. I haven’t tried this yet but if it’s like their other products then I expect to be pleased with it.

I’ve never had a Lime Crime product before so a mini Velveteens lip product in the shade ‘Riley’ made me really happy. I’ve worn it once and so far so good, it’s a gorgeous shade and the sort of luxury item you rarely get in other beauty boxes, at least not ones that are this affordable. Please see the swatch below.

Swatch of the Lime Crime Velveteen in 'Riley'

Next I got a Bourjois ‘Volume Reveal’ mascara. I’ve used lots of Bourjois products over the years but I don’t think I’ve used one of their mascaras so I’m very pleased to be able to try this, especially as I don’t currently have a favourite. I like that this has a mirror and, based on online pics, this has the sort of brush I like. Once my current mascara runs out/goes old I’ll be giving this a go.

The last but one item is a Nyx eyeliner with the longest name ever in the shade ‘Blue Sunrise’. I haven’t used blue eyeliner in a long time, but actually it’s a colour I’ve really enjoyed using in the past. I don’t wear eye liner a lot but I do quite enjoy a coloured liner to make a look that little bit different.

Lastly and, possibly, my favourite product in the box is the Luxie ‘Small Tapered Blending’ brush. I’ve heard a lot about Luxie brushes on various YouTuber videos so it’s a brand I’m really happy to try. I love getting makeup brushes in boxes but, more than that, I love getting Good makeup brushes and this seems like a really worthwhile brand to have in a collection.

So there we go. I’ve not priced everything up because the box isn’t available anymore, but if you check out the boxes I linked above you’ll see that every version they’ve had, so far, has had a really great value. I look forward to seeing what other boxes they bring out in the future.


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  1. Merkitty October 22, 2017 / 4:07 pm

    That’s cool. I didn’t know they did a box and I like the one off boxes.. I hate being tied to a subscription.

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