Degustabox for October 2017 – Unboxing

I haven’t got my Degustabox in the longest time – I subscribed last year (I haven’t collaborated with them in a long time), I think, but my old card expired and, so, my boxes stopped and I only just got back around to sorting it out. This is the October box, I’m sorry it’s so late in the month but I only just got it based on when I re-started my subscription. Still, this should give you a good idea of what the contents can be like to help you decide whether or not to sign up for a future month.

If you do decide to sign up then I have a referral link which will get you £7 off your first box, and will get me points towards a free box. This isn’t a special blogger thing, it’s just the standard referral link that all customers get –

Contents of October 2017 Degustabox

I’ve got the savoury stuff to show you, first, which starts with a sample of Lo Salt which has 66% less sodium in it than normal salt. I was rather tickled by this product because, due to my PoTS diagnosis, I’ve just been instructed by my Cardiologist to eat more salt. PoTS is the only heart condition in which you need more salt, rather than less, so this was rather ironic. I’ll probably pass this along to a family member.

Next we have a bag of Hippeas ‘Organic Chickpea Puffs’ in the flavour ‘In Herbs we trust’ – I haven’t tried these yet but I’ve enjoyed crisps made from unusual ingredients before and the rosemary, oregano and thyme flavour sounds great. These are worth £2.29.

A can of Heinz ‘No Added Sugar Hoops’ is the last thing in this photo. These are pretty self explanatory but are particularly good if you have children as the sauce that the hoops come in classes as 1 of your 5-a-day but the no added sugar is a real bonus. These cost 75p a tin.

Contents of October 2017 Degustabox

We got various things from the brand Lee Kum Kee in this month’s box. First up we got the ‘Sauce for Tomato Garlic prawns’, which sounds like exactly the sort of thing my Mum and I like, and secondly the ‘Sauce for Honey Garlic Spare Ribs’. I’m not sure we’ll use either of these for the suggested meats but I think we’ll definitely make use of them both. These are 85p each.

We also got two sachets of their ‘Sweet soy sauce’ which, I assume, are sample sizes as they don’t show on our card. A nice little extra though.

Contents of October 2017 Degustabox

The last two savoury items are this Cirio (by Valfrutta) ‘Cous Cous with Mixed Vegetables’. There were a few different options for this item but this looks really tasty and the fact that it’s microwavable is a real bonus too. This is £2.29 to buy.

Contents of October 2017 Degustabox

Lastly we have the sweet stuff and drinks – Which, I have to say, is always my favourite part of any box.

For drinks we got two Feel Good Drinks ‘Water Infusions’ which come in the flavours ‘Orange, Mango & Water’ and a hint of ‘Strawberry & Mint’. I’ve not tried them yet but quite looking forward to Strawberry and Mint as I have discovered a love for mint in fruity drinks. These are £1.20 each.

I’ve only tried Michel et Augestin in Degustabox before, so it was rather nice to get another product of theirs – It’s an oversized cookie with a soft centre and I cannot wait to tuck in to it, it may be an afternoon snack for today. This is worth £1.60.

On the far left you can see our Pechkeks Misfortune cookie which is especially for Halloween. According to the description these cookies are black and have ‘misfortunes’ in rather than fortunes. I think this is a really fun idea though I’m not sure Ethan can have one as he might be a bit upset if he gets a bad fortune haha. These are worth £1.50.

Nuttvia is our next brand and comes in the form of a ‘Breadstick snackpack’. This is palm oil free, and 97% less sugar (though not sure what it’s less than) but it certainly seems like a nice alternative to other brands. I think I’ll be sharing this with the kids as we’d all like this one. This is £1.70.

I’ve had a Pip’s Ral Hot Chocolate Co coin in some other subscription box but have never got around to using it despite loving the idea behind it. These solid little lumps of chocolate are designed to be added to hot milk to make a single serving of hot chocolate. These are £1.50 and we got the classic flavour, though others will have got orange.

The penultimate item is a Pulsin Kids’ Fruits Oat Bar in the flavour Orange Choc Chip. These count as one of your child’s 5 a day, has less sugar than normal fruit snacks, is high in fibre and is gluten free, wow what a list! These are 59p but sound like a fantastic kids snack so I’m looking forward to seeing what the boys think of it.

And saving what, might be, the best until last we have a jar of Vimto flavoured Millions. Both Azii and I were rather pleased to see these in the box. We both love chewy sweets and vimto flavour is a real winner. This is £2.99 and a perfect halloween item, or even a Christmas gift for someone’s stocking if they prefer sweets over chocolate.

And that’s the box. A good mix of sweet and savoury and all very usable! Good value, too, and lots of things we’ve never tried before. Good box, Degustabox, let’s see what November brings.


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