Glossybox UK October 2017 – Unicorns vs Mermaids!

It’s Glossybox time again, how exciting! I swear subscription boxes highlight the passage of time in the scariest way, it’s mid October already, it’s officially Autumn and the year is drawing to a close. I know it’s stereotypical to bemoan the passage of time but goodness me! But anyway, on to the topic at hand, the box!

Glossybox UK October 2017 Unicorn box

The theme for this month is ‘Unicorns vs Mermaids’ and I didn’t want to have too much of a preference because, as far as I know, the boxes were random. That said, I did quite want the Unicorn box so I’m sure you can guess that I was rather happy when this arrived!

I’m not someone who verges on obsessed with Unicorns or Mermaids (as seems to be the trend at the moment) but I do like a lot of the things that the obsessions produce, and this box is one of them. How gorgeous is this pink to blue ombre?!

This month’s box is already sold out but if you want to sign up for future boxes please consider using my code as it’ll benefit us both, I’ll get ‘Glossydots’ and you can get your first box for £8 plus p&p. My link is-

Quote 'Be a unicorn in a field of horses'

I thought that having a quote inside the lid was rather lovely and the quote itself is so nice! ‘Be a unicorn in a field of horses’ – I know this type of quotes is a bit cliche but it’s an important message to remember.

Glossybox tissue paper in ombre from blue to pink

Ok Glossybox, you win on the details this month; beautiful box, quote in the lid, matching ribbon and sticker and then gorgeous ombre tissue paper which mirrors the pink and blue from the box. I love it, so so beautiful.

Contents of the October 2017 Glossybox UK

And here’s what was inside. I already knew that the box was going to contain 5 full sized products and that, as you’d expect, makes for a really impressive box.

I’m a massive fan of getting lots of makeup in subscription boxes so you might imagine why this box is a winner for me.

I was very happy to see the Kawaii Enterprise ‘Brush Cleaning Egg’ as I’ve been meaning to get one of these for a while. I’ve got a bit silicone oven glove/mitt thing with textures on but it’s pretty big and cumbersome to have laying around to try. I do, though, love how much easier is it to wash brushes with these textured products so I expect good things from this. The egg seems like a much easier product to use and easier to find a place for. I’ve not tried it, yet, but have a tonne of brushes to clean so I’ll be putting it to work very soon. This is worth £7.99.

I also got the Lord & Berry ‘Magic Brow Perfect Eye Brow Pencil’ in the shade brunette. I like brow pencils, though don’t currently have one that I love, so I’m looking forward to trying this out. The shade is perfect for me (see it swatched below) as I have pretty dark brows and I think I’ll pair it with the Pixi gel product I got in the September box. The brow pencil is worth £14!

The only product I know I definitely won’t use is the Makeup Revolution ‘Mermaids Vs Unicorns’ palette. It’s so very pretty but purples, blues and greens just aren’t for me. These palettes are really good, though, so it’s a fantastic thing to get in a box and I am pretty sure I’ll be passing it along in a giveaway in the not too distant future to keep an eye out for that! This is worth £4.

Bang Beauty cream colour in Dolce Pink and Sleek blush in Carnation from October Glossybox UK

Thought I’d show you what the next two products look like and I’ve got some swatches, too, so you can see how they translate on the skin.

When I first saw the Sleek ‘Creme to Powder Blush’ in ‘Carnation’ I thought that the shade picture on the outside of the box was gorgeous and So up my street. Unfortunately it’s not exactly the same but it’s still a really pretty pink colour that I think I’ll enjoy wearing (though I’m quite hoping they have one in the more muted shade that the box displays too). I’ve never tried one of their cream to powder blushes, before, but I really like their standard range of blushes so I’m looking forward to trying this out. This is worth £5.99.

Swatches of the Lord and berry brow pencil, Bang beauty cream colour in dolce pink and sleek blush in carnation

The swatches, from top to bottom, are the Sleek blush, the Bang Beauty colour and then the Lord & Berry brow pencil.

The Bang Beauty ‘Cream Colour’ in ‘Dolce Pink’ is said to be one of those multi-use products which you can use as a lip product, eye product or cheek product. The thing I find odd is that most of the times that I get these multi use ones, they’re always in a shade that you really wouldn’t use for most of the potential purposes.

Swatches of the Lord and berry brow pencil, Bang beauty cream colour in dolce pink and sleek blush in carnation

As you can see in this second swatch, the Bang Beauty cream has a really beautiful shimmer to it in the light. When you see it without the light reflected on it it’s a lovely corally-orange sort of shade which is why I don’t think it’d be something I’d use on the eyes. I would, possibly, use that sort of shade on the lips, but not one that has this level of shimmer. As such it seems like I’ve got a second cheek product in this box. I am excited to see what it looks like stippled on as a blush, though, it is such a beautiful looking product. The price of this is £19.50.

People who like variety in their boxes might be disappointed at the lack of skincare or hair care in this box. I, on the other hand, love the cosmetics overload, it’s exactly what I hope for every month. As well as that, 5 full sized products is incredibly impressive and the value comes in at £51.48 so really not bad at all for a box that only costs £10 (plus postage).

The sneak peak product for next month’s Glossybox certainly has me looking forward to the November box so, don’t forget, if you sign up you can use my code which will benefit the both of us!



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