Amazon Beauty box unboxing

I was rather excited to see that there was an Amazon beauty box, recently, especially when I saw the items that were included. The box is a one off, rather than a subscription, but it’s safe to say I’m hoping these become more of a thing as Amazon make a good box! It’s, currently, still available, here, if you’re interested.

Amazon Beauty box

Firstly I love the box. I think it’s so pretty, I love both duck egg and grey (they’re the colours I’m using in our living room) and I love the geometric patterns. It has a drawer down the smaller end of the box so I think I’ll be using this inside our Kallax unit once we get our living room sorted – It can be a drawer for bits and bobs like batteries and stamps and all those things that end up without a home.

The box was £14.99 but, amazingly, because I’m a prime member I get £14.99 back as credit to spend on a beauty item – I’m not sure how Amazon can make this work but I am more than happy about it. I don’t think this applied to non Prime members.

The contents of the Amazon beauty box

And here’s what I got. I would have been impressed with this, as a £14.99 box, even without the additional credit but with that I’m blown away by what I got. Full sized makeup, good sized samples, and a great range of products. Definitely mostly high street, but to be honest, that’s what I like best anyway.

At the top we have a box of little perfume samples from Yardley – These are all from their ‘Contemporary Classics’ range and there’s 4 sample bottles in there. Whilst I’m not a fan of perfume samples, and whilst these just aren’t to my tastes, I’m quite impressed that there’s four of them rather than the standard one.

Next up is a tiny bottle of Bio Oil – The bottle is really small but Bio Oil goes a very long way so this is a good enough sample size for a few uses, depending on what you do with it. I haven’t used Bio Oil much, for a while, but used to use it loads and really should again; maybe this will prompt me to start using it on my stretch marks again, like I used to.

I’ve tried the Nip + Fab Glycolic pads before, and have been impressed by them, they’re quite pricey too so this is a nice sample to get in a box. There are 5 pads in here so, using them a couple of times a week, this should give a pretty representative view of what they do with your skin.

There were a few shades of the Sally Hansen nail polish available and I got a shimmery pink colour, it’s the shade ‘Raisin the Bar’. There are some lovely shades in this range, and this one is nice, but I’m not sure this one is for me, I’ll probably pass it along to someone who’ll enjoy it more. A full sized product in a box like this is impressive and I’d like to see what shades other people get.

I’ve become quite the fan of the Cetaphil ‘Skin Cleanser’ and I bought a massive bottle of it not that long ago so a sample of that is always welcome as I will use it. It’s a nice, really simple, cleanser and does a decent job so is a good thing to get in a box, especially as a sample that size will give quite a lot of use.

Swatch of the Bourjois Rouge Laque Liquid lipstick in Bloody Berry

Another full sized product comes in the form of the Bourjois ‘Rouge Laque Liquid Lipstick’ in the shade ‘Bloody Berry’. Again there were a number of shade possibilities with this one but this time I’m really pleased with the one that I got. The formula for this is really, really thin and when you apply a small amount it’s a dark, pinky red colour but if you apply it more fully it’s a much darker shade. As it wears down, though, it becomes more pink like in my swatch. It’s ever so pretty, perfect for this time of year and I have already worn it once but want to wear it more.

The WunderBrow ‘Dual Precision Brush is also a full sized item and, again, I do love brushes. Most of my brow type brushes are quite cheap and I’m not sure I have one that I love, yet. This one, though, may be a contender for that space. It’s a really lovely brush and I like that it has a spoolie at the end because most of my products don’t have those anymore. I’ve never tried a WunderBrow product but this brush made me very happy to get.

The Rimmel #Insta ‘Fix and Go’ primer and setting spray is yet another full sized product and, yet another, that I’m rather glad to have got. I haven’t tried anything from the #Insta range yet but I’ve heard a bit about it on YouTube. I quite like setting sprays and the idea of a spray that’s a primer and setting spray is definitely intriguing.

Our last item is the L’Oreal ‘Multi-Masking Play Kit’ which is a little set which has pods of all three types of their new clay masks. This set is available for around £5 from lots of retailers, so despite containing minis of the masks it’s still classed as a full sized item. I love the idea of this set as the masks, all meant to be used for different things, have been intriguing since they came out and this set means being able to try them out without investing in any of them individually, in full size.

And there you go! That’s the Amazon Beauty Box.  For that price, the amount of full sized products, and how good even the smaller samples are, this is a wonderful box.

If you like seeing my beauty boxes then check out my latest unboxing in the shape of the November Glossybox.

Are you as impressed as I am? Would you like to see a more regular Amazon beauty box?


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