Boots Points haul part two – Rimmel, Maybelline, Bourjois Nyx and more

When I posted my Nyx haul, bought entirely with Boots points, I told you I’d already got a second haul ready to go, and here it is. This one’s a lot more varied as it contains both makeup and skin care and it covers a lot more brands than the last post. I certainly used all my points up, though, as you’ll see – Thankfully I got a lot on special offers so I was able to get the most for my points.

Maybelline tattoo brow dark brown, rimmel match perfection and fresher skin foundation in light porcelain

I bought the Maybelline ‘Tattoo Brow’ in the shade dark brown as I’ve heard a lot about this style of product but haven’t tried one yet. I’ve given this a quick go and quite liked it but am in the process of leaving it on longer (last time I left it on for 20 mins, this time I’m going to try 2 hours).

I haven’t used many Rimmel foundations and, currently, am really struggling to find something I love so I thought I’d try both of these. They’re both in the shade 010 ‘Light Porcelain’ and I got it in the ‘Fresher Skin’ and ‘Match Perfection’ formulas. I’ve not tried either out, yet, but hope that one of the will be ‘the one’.

Boots haul - skin care - garnier cleansing milk honey, blistex intensive moisture cherry, 7th heaven charcoal peel mask

I decided to get a new cleanser as I’m trying out a few different things, at the moment, to see what my skin likes best – When I wear makeup I go for a double cleanse and so something milky, or creamy, is a nice second cleanse product. This Garnier ‘Cleansing milk’ has Honey Flower in it and that’s the sort of thing that’s always going to draw me in.

I got the ‘Blistex’ Intensive Moisturiser in cherry because I’ve liked Blistex products before but haven’t tried this exact one. I love cherry scented things and I love lip balm so whilst skincare was on 3 for 2 I got this as my free item with the other two products in this pic.

Lastly, for skincare, I got the 7th Heaven ‘Charcoal Peel Off Mask’ – It would be hard not to have seen charcoal masks everywhere, recently, but I didn’t want to get one of the brands that’s known for hurting when you peel it off. I’ve used a peel mark from 7th Heaven before so thought this might be a safer option.

Bourjois rouge velvet lipsticks shades 02 flaming rose, 03 hyppink chic, 05 brique-a-brac

I’ve seen these advertised on facebook a lot and I really like the Bourjois ‘Rouge Velvet’ line so the idea of a lipstick in the same range really had me intrigued. At the time of ordering Boots had these on 3 for 2 so it seemed silly to just get one. I got shades ’05 Brique-a-brac’, ’03 Hyppink Chic’ and lastly ’02 Flaming Rose’

Bourjois rouge velvet lipsticks shades 02 flaming rose, 03 hyppink chic, 05 brique-a-brac swatch

And these are swatched in the same order. As you can see shades 02 and 03 are rather similar, but 02 ‘Flaming Rose’ is a slightly more nude toned pink whereas ‘Hyppink Chic’ more of a middling (rosey?) pink. I don’t have many red shades of lipstick anymore so this brick toned red, of 05 ‘Brique-a-brac’ really excites me and I can’t wait to wear it.

Rimmel 'pink blink', Maybelline superstay matte ink in 'Lover' and 'Dreamer' and Nyx Lip Lingerie in 'Bedtime flirt'

And because I hadn’t bought enough lip products recently! The Rimmel and Maybelline were both 3 for 2 (I think), when I ordered, hence 3 of each brand and the Nyx is because I love the Lip lingerie range so much.

So yes, I got a Rimmel ‘Stay Matte’ liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Pink Blink’, two Maybelline ‘Super Stay Matte Ink’ liquid lipsticks in ‘Lover’ and ‘Dreamer’ and, finally, a Nyx ‘Lip Lingerie’ in the shade ‘Bedtime Flirt’.

Swatches of rimmel 'pink blink', Maybelline superstay matte ink in 'Lover' and 'Dreamer' and Nyx Lip Lingerie in 'Bedtime flirt'

And here they are, swatched in the same order. ‘Lover’ by Maybelline is my favourite of them all but unfortunately it arrived unsealed and the formula is all wrong (I assume because it’d been opened and then left for some time before arriving with me) so I used it for this swatch and then binned it. I’ve been given Boots points to re-buy it, though, which I’m happy about as it’s so very pretty.

And that’s my haul. I probably need to go through my lip collection, now, as I have too much but I’ve been very late to the matte liquid lip thing and I’m embracing it fully. That said, lip products are the thing I use most, I’ve even started wearing lip products on no-makeup days. But more on that in another post.

Have you picked up anything interesting recently? Anything new that I absolutely Must try out? What are your current high street favourites? 


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