My very copper Wilko haul – Essence, Christmas, Toys, Home and Stationery

I’ve got a rather lovely Wilko haul to share with you today – I had one item, in particular, that I wanted to order but once I got on the website I just kept finding more and more. I love the bargains you can find on sites like Wilko, plus the variety of products you can get, and you can be sure I got a big variety in this haul.

Wilko copper alarm clock

This copper alarm clock was the reason for my order – I was looking for one some weeks ago but this was out of stock and I set an email alert to know when it became available and that’s the email that spurred this whole Wilko haul.

We have a beautiful duck egg clock which my Mum bought me for my birthday a few years ago, but I think that will suit our living room better so I decided to get a copper one for the bedroom. This is only £5 and so much prettier than the website makes it look (I thought it was going to be a cheap compromise but I love it so much more than I thought I would).

Wilko copper christmas decorations

Whilst I was on the website I decided to search for the term ‘copper’ and I was thrilled to find that copper Christmas decorations are really in this year. I love the glass bauble, the metal star and the beads the best but I think that the other items will look good once they’re put on a tree. I have another glass one but it smashed in transit so I’m awaiting a replacement (thanks to some fantastic customer service from Wilko!)

Wilko copper christmas decorations

The little glittery copper ones were super cheap at £1 and they do look quite cheap but, again, I think mixed in with a few other nice pieces they’ll look great. I don’t think we’ll have our own tree this year so these are going to be packed away until next year when we can, finally, have a beautiful tree of our own with lots of copper, rose gold and shabby chic decorations.

Wilko stationery haul

If there’s one thing (other than maybe makeup) in this world that I don’t need more of, it’s stationery. But some of the items on the site were just too good to not look at and I couldn’t help myself. I love interesting pen pots and I use them for both pens and for makeup brushes so I’m not sure, yet, where this gold one will go but it’ll look pretty where ever it ends up.

Wilko stationery haul - Marble note pad and pencil case

The paperclips may look like a bit of a bizarre choice but they’re one of those things I always seem to never be able to find when I need to. Add to the fact that the jar is really pretty, and the clips themselves are gold (rather than silver) and it was a pretty easy decision to make.

Wilko note book - brown paper

I really don’t need anymore note pads but this marble effect one, with gold veining, is just too pretty. I ha no idea, when I bought it, that the paper inside was brown, but that was definitely a nice surprise. I don’t know what it’ll be like to write on but it’s rather quirky and fun looking.

I have no idea if I have any need for another small pencil case but there were two design options for this one, I quite wanted the other one (a dark colour with gold butterflies on), and I was a little disappointed to begin with but now that I’m used to it I actually really like it.

Wilko wooden toys - Giraffe puzzle and snake puzzle

A friend alerted me to the safari puzzles and the alphabet snake puzzle and I decided to pick some up for Oliver for Christmas. As it happens my hiding skills leave a lot to be desired and he found them whilst we were putting some shopping away so they’re not for Christmas anymore.

The giraffe puzzle also has a baby giraffe piece but he’d managed to misplace that before I took the photo. The snake puzzle is far too grown up for him now but is a really great toy and I’ll try to make sure we don’t lose any pieces before he’s old enough to be able to play properly.

We’re going to get a few more, hopefully, of the safari puzzles to put in to his Christmas stash as, at £2.50 each, they’re a real bargain and really lovely things.

Wilko haul - Essence beauty products

And what sort of Wilko haul would it be without some Essence? I have had one of the ‘Lash Princess’ mascaras before and really liked it so wanted to get it again. This ‘Sculpted Volume’ type was the only one in stock at the time so, although it’s not the one I had before, I thought I’d give it a go.

I’ve heard good things about Essence highlighters so I decided to give one a go – Again I don’t think this is the exact one I’ve seen referenced but worth a try. I love highlighters anyway but a lot of mine got decluttered due to being old so need to fill that gap a little.

Lastly I got an Essence blending brush. I have no idea what the quality of this will be like, I think it may be Too soft (which sounds silly but it’s a thing) but I thought it would be worth a try. I hadn’t realised that the handle would be patterned and I think that the monochrome geometric design is rather nice.

And that’s my Wilko haul. Have you bought anything good from them recently? Do you have any Essence favourites that I should pick up in a future order? I’ve found a few good products from them but would love to know more.


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  1. Shelley Jessup November 13, 2017 / 4:51 am

    You are star finding these coppers pieces as I’m on the hunt for all things copper atm, so thanks!

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