My Latest in Beauty subscription – Unboxing for November 2017

I saw a curated box from Latest in Beauty over on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and it really captured my attention. I haven’t been overly excited by any of the pre-made boxes, from any company, for a while now but this one looked great and I decided to order it as my ‘Well done for getting your lip biopsy’ reward.

Whilst I was making the order I took a look at the monthly subscription you can do with Latest in Beauty, now, as it’s been a long time since I was signed up (in fact my last post was in 2014 here) to them on a regular basis. And I have to say I was impressed! You can get 3, 6 or 9 products per month (with free delivery) costing £9, £15 or £18 respectively. I didn’t see at the time of signing up but you also get a free makeup bag with your first month too.

Latest in beauty subscription - Free makeup bag with the quote 'Be confident, be kind, be beautiful

And this is the bag that arrived – It’s a very simple black bag with ‘Latest in Beauty’ on one side and the quote ‘Be Confident Be Kind Be Beautiful’ on it, which I really like. The zip is a rose gold colour and, all in all, I like the bag especially considering it was an added extra.

Products from my November Latest In Beauty box

Now I’ll start by saying that I went for the 3 product option but you’ll  be able to see that there’s more than 3 products in the photo above! I went for the mini OPI, the lip balm and the blush, the rest just arrived. I’m not sure if they were extras for ordering the curated box (which I’ll post when I can), if they were extra free items because it was my first month, or if it’s just something they add to boxes – I guess time shall tell, but you won’t mind me complaining.

The additional items are sachets from Urban Veda, which I will endeavour to try out as I’m trying to prevent getting overrun with sachets again, and a ‘Topical invigorating cream’ from Dr Botanicals which I haven’t tried yet but seems interesting as I’ll give it a go soon.

The OPI mini that I got is in the shade ‘Worth a Pretty Penne’ which is a pretty coppery, rose gold shade. Let’s be honest? I have loads of polishes in this sort of shade but I do love them and I do love OPI, it’s likely that my others are so old that they’ll be on their way out so this one can replace them.

These are the other two products swatched. On the left we have the Burts Bees ‘Tinted lip balm in Rose’ which comes across a little orange when it’s swatched but I think it’s one of those which is so sheer that on top of the natural hues of a persons lips it’ll transform dependent on what shade their lips are. I think, for me, it will actually become a lovely rose colour and I look forward to trying it out. I used to wear tinted balms a lot and keep meaning to do so again.

On the right you can see the Bourjois ‘Aqua Blush in Berry Nice’ which is a lovely deep pink shade. I think this will be one of those ones that gives an ‘out from the cold’ glow to the cheeks and I can’t wait to wear it. I’ve not worn a liquid blush in a really long time and this is so pretty.

And that’s what I got in my box/bag. I am already looking forward to picking my items for next month and hope there’ll be some new, and interesting, products to decide between. I’m always drawn to the makeup so I love that I can just pick those items with the subscription like this, of course that works as long as there’s makeup items I’ve not tried, available, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy some new skincare too when that’s what I go for.


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