Christmas gift guide for 2017 – A Little Something for Everyone

I wanted to do a Christmas gift guide, this year, that has ideas that cover most types of people in all families. Of course I won’t be able to include everyone (there’s less ideas for men because I really struggle to buy for the men in my life haha) but this is a pretty good all rounder which should, hopefully, be able to inspire people in a variety of ways.

This post contains products that we were sent to try out as well as products I’ve bought myself and really love – I’ll mark anything we were sent with a * for simplicity.

A collection of baby bath products from frezyderm - Christmas gift guide

Let’s start with the youngest members of a family with some baby products from Frezyderm* – This brand is new to me, despite being sold in a vast number of countries, and I think they’d be great as gifts for new parents. Sometimes, when you have a new baby, people don’t know what to get as gifts and so you end up with a lot of clothes and toys beyond what you may actually need. Quality bath and skin care products for babies are of great value, though, and can be used far in to toddler-hood if you end up with lots. We were sent the baby bath, baby shampoo and baby cream but there’s loads more products in the range and I really wish we’d had some of the cradle cap oil when Oliver was smaller!

6 Piece Grimms Rainbow - Christmas Gift guide

For younger kids I’m going to recommend wooden toys. I know I’ve only pictured one, here, but almost all of Oliver’s presents this year are wooden because we’ve discovered them in a Big way. Our Grimms rainbow (6 piece, as above) is very loved, but anything Grimms is just so open ended, so long lasting and so so beautiful. That said sites like BabaMe have a whole range of wonderful brands – Oliver’s getting Indigo Jamm emergency vehicles in his stocking, and a cute little rocket as well as a Grimms Casa Aqua from a family friend. These toys aren’t cheap but they provoke the imagination, can be played with in so many ways, by so many ages, and are so much better for the environment. We are a big fan of all things wooden for littles this Christmas.

Black and White fidget cube in packaging - Christmas Gift Guide

The older Ethan gets the harder I find him to buy for, he’s not really in to toys so it can get tricky trying to get things that’ll keep him happy. This year his stocking has some smaller toys in it but the thing I think he’ll like the most is this Fidget Cube from The Works (£7) (sorry that the packaging blurrs out the cube, itself in the photo). Now I know these things are everywhere at the moment but, for a child like Ethan, I think they can be a great gift. He’s one of those children that always needs to be doing, he rarely stops, even when he’s reading he’s making noises or fidgeting. I think this will be fantastic for him.

Kindle in a purple case - Christmas Gift Guide


The other main gift we’ve got him, and something that’ll suit a lot of older kids, is books. Ethan has the whole of the ‘How to Train your Dragon’  (£17.99 though goes lower as we got it for £12.99) series, as well as some Plants Vs Zombies graphic novels and a few non-fiction books. Places like The Book People are amazing for picking up whole box sets for very little money but if you don’t know what the child in question has, or doesn’t have, or what they like, then a gift card specifically for books can mean that you know they’ll get something great as well as something their parents might approve of a little bit more, haha. If you have a book loving child who you need to buy a main present for then a Kindle is a fantastic idea as it’s something that’ll last for so long and you can add to it with age appropriate books for years and years to come.  I also think that books are a great gift idea for anyone, I have bought books for some of the men in my family and one of the first ever gifts I bought my husband, many years  ago, was a Kindle.

Choc Affair Chocolate in Salted Caramel - Christmas Gift Guide

If you have chocolate fans in the family then I’d really suggest throwing some of the Choc Affair bars, from BabaMe in to your trolley when you’re toy, nappy or home ware shopping. These are absolutely delicious (and I’ll be buying more next time) and even just looking at them you can tell they’re extra special, which makes them the ideal gift for someone who has a sweet tooth.

A selection of festive, glittery, shimmery makeup from Makeup Revolution - Christmas Gift Guide

I have some Makeup Revolution* items to share with you and you might be able to guess why I think they’re Christmas friendly. I was asked which items I’d like to show you and I just couldn’t see past alllll the glitter in the new ‘Life On The Dancefloor’ range, it’s just so pretty and really lends itself to be a gift because it’s that little bit more special than regular makeup. I also picked some of the newer highlight products because I think they’re very fitting for the festive season too, if you’re buying for someone who’s going to be partying at New Year, who’s in to makeup, you can be sure they’ll love a good highlight. If you’d like to see more about these products I’ve written a whole post about them as they just needed swatching. You can see the full post here.

An Imperial candle in 'Santa's Cookies' - Christmas Gift Guide

Candles are always a great idea for a Christmas gift but candles with jewellery in? I mean can you get any better? Imperial Candles* can have either rings, earrings or a necklace in and they come in a range of candle sizes as well as lots of other types of products too including wax melts and bath bombs. I went for one of the Christmas edition candles, with a ring in it. With these particular candles you can pick what size ring you want, too, which is fantastic. The scent ‘Santa’s Cookies’ called out to me as I love anything sweet and foodie and it certainly lived up to my expectations, it smells amazing! I have burned it for a few hours, now, and it beautifully scents the whole room and the hallway outside too – Even my Mum loved the scents and she’s not in to wax anywhere near as much as me. I can’t wait to reach the ring, I’m far more excited than I thought I would be! These really would make the perfect gift for so many people, candle lovers, jewellery lovers and if you have someone who loves both you’re on to a real winner.

A personal mixing bowl 'baked with love by Petit Moi' - christmas gift guide

Personalised stuff always seems like a good idea for Christmas, it can make an ordinary item that little bit more special and it can provide something a little bit different if you’re buying for one of those people that already has everything they want. Find Me A Gift have a whole range of gifts, but I went for the personalised Mixing Bowl* as I think that it’s a great gift for a foodie friend or family member. My Mum has wanted one of these, with the brown pattern on the outside, for a while so this will be beautiful when we finally have our new kitchen. And, of course, if you have a foodie that likes to post on Instagram that ‘Baked with love by…’ personalisation couldn’t be more perfect!

Selection of healthy living products from 'Some body' at Superdrug - Christmas gift guide

If you have someone who’s very much in to their healthy living, who loves the gym and all things weight loss then you may like to check out Superdrug’s new ‘Some Body’* range which includes a wide selection of products which can aid in weight loss and making the most of time at the gym. I was sent protein powder (which I’ll be gifting to a gym going friend), a food bar, a detox tea and some pop corn. I am looking forward to trying the tea and can confirm that the other two items are seriously tasty and would be great in a stocking for some one you can’t buy conventional snacks for.

A personalised mug saying 'Petit Moi - Big World' - Christmas Gift Guides

I haven’t listed many gifts specifically for men, personally I find the men in my life really hard to buy for. But personalised stuff can be great for the men in your life too. McGlaggan Smith Mugs have a huge range of personalised mugs, and mugs with pre-printed designs, which could cater for so many members of the family. I fell in love with this personalised one in a modern calligraphy script (£14.50) but there are designs that could put a smile on the face on just anyone in your life (as long as they like warm drink that is!).

A penguin 'Warmies, microwavable plush - Christmas gift guide

I think these Warmies* are a perfect gift for both young and old. In this frosty weather, during the time when snuggling up at home with a blanket and a warm drink is the dream, these cute little plushes are a gorgeous gift to receive. You microwave them and they go from being cute little squishies, to being cute little squishies that feel like a warm hug. I can think of four or five people, at least, on my Christmas list who’d love one of these!

Beards and daisies - White christmas bouquet - White roses

These flowers are from Beards and Daisies and are a great gift idea this Christmas. If you have someone who you aren’t sure what to buy for then what better way than to put a smile on their face with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers? This is called the ‘White Christmas’ (£34.99) bouquet which is a gorgeous depiction of snowy weather with its avalanch roses and blue eryngium. The bouquet is huge and has a really special feel to it so would make for a gorgeous Christmas gift for any loved one who wants to brighten up their home this festive season.

And that’s this year’s, main Christmas gift guide. I’ve got a more specialised one coming up in a few days so keep an eye out for that.

Are you done with your Christmas shopping this year? Or have you not even started? Do you have lots of ideas or are you trawling blogs for inspiration?


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  1. Merkitty November 28, 2017 / 1:08 pm

    I’m a huge fan of Makeup Revolution, but that’s more a gift for myself than anyone else. Haha. I keep seeing things I want and not for other people.

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