My November 2017 Powder Beauty Drawer

I have another Powder Beauty Drawer to share with you, this month, and after last month’s I was quite excited to see what would be in store. I saw some sneak peaks at the box and was looking forward to certain items and intrigued by others, so let’s see what I got.

Powder beauty drawer, and leaflet, for November 2017

As always the box comes in the slightly mattified, powder pink, drawer with a leaflet that details all of the products inside. The boxes vary in price, depending upon how many months you sub for, it can be as little as £10 a month, or as much as £15. The best way to work it out is to take a look at their website, here.

Contents of the November 2017 Powder beauty drawer

Now, first things first, I have to admit that this hasn’t been my favourite box, thus far (especially when last month’s box was pretty great), but it is far from all bad so let’s have a look at what’s included.

Starting at the far left we have the Hask ‘Keratin Protein – Smoothing Deep Conditioner’ which comes in a 50ml sachet. Now Powder are classing this as a full sized product, which technically it is, but it’s worth £2.49 and is still a sachet. I am, though, interested in trying this out, and I am looking forward to trying something new, but it doesn’t blow me away (especially because once the sachet is open it’s going to be lots of fun, or not, trying to seal it up again for next use).

Next we have two perfume samples. I have to say that two samples is certainly better than one, but perfume samples. These are the Hugo Boss ‘Scent Intense’ and one of them is for men and the other for women. It’s a nice idea, but still a bit meh.

The Lottie nail polish has to be the thing that disappointed me the most, though, but not because of the product but rather the shade. On the sneak peak I saw lots of beautiful, shimmery, metallic polishes so when I opened my box to find the shade ‘Downtime’, I wasn’t over the moon. It’s not a bad shade, it’s a slightly yellowy/green toned khaki, but compared to what I was expecting it just didn’t fill me with joy. I’ve wanted to try a Lottie London nail polish but I have a nicer Khaki already so doubt I’ll use this. I can’t seem to find these for sale from many places, anymore but Superdrug has them for £2.99 , and Feel Unique has them for £5.99, but neither of them have many shades.

We’re moving on to the products that I was happier with, now, starting with the Nails Inc ‘Night Night’ face mask pod. This is, as the name suggests, and over night mask and it can be used on the face, hands and body. I’ve got some of these already, though not this one I don’t think, and they’re £5 each so that’s a pretty pricey face mask and something I’m looking forward to trying out (though probably when I don’t have a sweaty toddler had smooshed against mine for most of the night).

I don’t know much about The Organic Pharmacy but I think we got one of their products in a past box. I certainly don’t mind getting decent sized eye creams in a box, though, and when I found out that this was a full sized one, at 10ml, and is worth £26.95 I was somewhat taken aback! This ‘Lip & Eye Cream’ has fennel, bilbury and frankincense in it and I’ll definitely make good use of it. This is, probably, the saviour of the box – I can understand why other products are a little cheaper because this one is quite pricey.

Lastly we have a Brush Works ‘Multitasking sponge’ which is interesting. I’ve never had a sponge in this shape before and I’m amassing  quite the sponge collection as they’re a great way to apply makeup so I’m always happy to get a new one. This isn’t quite as exciting as it could have been, though, due to the fact that we got a sponge last month so it feels a lot like a duplicate with them being so close together. That said, a sponge is a sponge, and this one comes in at around £6.49.

So I think you can see why this wasn’t my favourite box, but it wasn’t a bad box either. If I’d had one of the beautiful polishes in the teaser image it may have swung me much closer to being more happy with the box but as it is it’s just a so-so box for me. That said the values are still great, thanks to that eye cream, and I’m still looking forward to seeing what my Powder Beauty Drawer has to offer next month – Though hoping to see some new brands as we seem to get a lot of repeat brands in the box.

What are your thoughts on the box? Is there anything that really stands out to you? Am I being a bit harsh?


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