My Nyx haul – Bought entirely with Boots points

I am rather proud of myself for letting my Boots points save up but, recently, decided I should have a bit of a splurge and use them to get hold of some products I’ve been wanting to try. It wasn’t intentional but my first big points order is entirely Nyx products but it seemed like a great opportunity now that they’re available from Boots. I love Nyx, if you’ve ever seen my butter gloss post you’ll already know this, so I am really pleased that they’re more easily available now.

Nyx haul bought with boots points

And here’s what I got. Two ‘Lip Lingerie’ in the shades ‘Push Up’ and ‘Exotic’, a Brow Mascara in ‘Brunette’, the ‘Proof It Waterproof Eye Primer’, a ‘Dark Circle Concealer’ in the shade ‘Light’, a blending brush and the ‘Stay Matte but not Flat’ foundation in ‘Creamy Natural’.

Nyx haul bought with boots points

Some of the products, I think, I would have bought different shades of if I’d seen them in real life, the online swatches were good but I misjudged a bit. I am going to give everything a good go, though, and maybe re-purchase if I still feel that the shades aren’t perfect.

Nyx swatches - Brow mascara, Foundation, dark circle concealer

These are swatches of the Brow Mascara, the foundation and then the concealer. I think that the brow mascara will be a good shade match for me, my brows are a dark brown but with warmer tones, though I am interested to see some of the other shades in store to see if they would suit me better in the future (I do feel like I can get away with most dark brown shades, though, as my brows are so dark).

I went for the ‘Stay Matte but not flat’ foundation in ‘Creamy Natural’ as it looked slightly more pink toned than the ‘Ivory’ shade but, I think it’s still a bit yellow for my skin tone and a little too dark. I do really like the formula, though, so would like to swatch the paler shade in store if I get the chance.

Similarly, I went for the ‘Dark Circle Concealer’ in Light rather than Fair as I felt that light had a slightly more peachy tone to it, which is something I like for the under eye. It may, though, not be quite right for my skin tone but I think I might be able to make it work with some brightening concealer over the top – An additional step but worth doing if it helps.

Nyx swatches Lip Lingerie in Push Up and Exotic

And here’s the swatches for the two ‘Lip Lingerie’ – I’ve worn these a few times and, I think, they might be my favourite formula of matte, but not drying, liquid lipsticks. On the left we have ‘Push Up’ and on the right we have ‘Exotic’.

I’ve seen that Nyx are bringing out a range  of liquid lipsticks in a wider range of shades which are supposed to be non-drying so I’m really looking forward to giving some of those a try too.

I’ve got another post to photograph, soon, using up the rest of my Boots points (I just couldn’t help it). You may just find that there’s some more Nyx in that haul, too, as I just fell in love with the Lip Lingerie formula. I may try and get a post together with photos of them on the lip, once I get my lips in to a better condition anyway.

What are your favourite Nyx products?


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