My Beauty Advent Calendars for 2017 – Amazon and Look Fantastic Day 9 to 16

Another quick update on what I got in my Beauty Advent Calendars for this year –  I know we’re on day 19 but I had to wait for some daylight to get some snaps! These are the contents of my Amazon and Look Fantastic advents for day 9 to 16 but if you’d like to see 1 to 8 you can see my previous post.

Beauty Advent calendars - Day 9 to 16 of Amazon calendar

Sorry for the blurred focus at the top, my camera didn’t want to play and I had a toddler who wanted the coffee table back for his trains! But this is what I got in the Amazon advent for day 9-16 and, I have to say, I’m pretty happy!

Day 9 contained the John Frieda ‘Frizz Ease – Miraculous Recovery Conditioner’ which isn’t the most exciting of products but it’s certainly something I’ll use – I’m interested by its claim of ‘damage defence’. Day 10 was the Baylis & Harding product which I was a bit non-plussed by, at first, expecting a hand cream or body wash, but when I saw that it was a ‘Jasmine & Apple Blossom’ hand sanitiser I was really pleased, I think that’s a really intriguing, and unusual product to get.

The Maybelline ‘Baby Lips’ in ‘Blueberry Boom’ was the product in day 11 and, again, wasn’t too fussed as I was expecting a clear lip balm but this one smells lovely and has a hint of purple to it that makes it look really pretty on the lips. I’ve never had a roller ball perfume, before, but the ‘Exotic Embers’ roller ball by Bronnley came in day 12 and was a nice surprise. I think I’d be far happier with perfume samples in sub boxes if they came as roller balls. This fragrance is very spicy and not normally what I’d go for but I do quite like it.

Day 13 brought a product that I already know I love, the Dr Lipp ‘Nipple Balm for lips’ – I’ve had a few of these over the past few years so more than happy to get a new one – It sounds like a daft product but does a great job on the lips and getting a full size made me happy. The Elegant Touch nails in a super dark blue shade came on Day 14, I don’t wear fake nails much but the colour is nice and it seems like a good thing to have around.

The L’oreal ‘Elnett’ hair spray came in Day 15, not a lot needs to be said about this one, I’m not overly excited but it’s a nice enough thing. Day 16 was much nicer, though, with the appearance of the Laura Geller ‘Baked Balance n’ Brighten Foundation’ in fair. I feel like I may have one of these already but if it turns out to be a nice product then two certainly won’t be a bad thing, very pleased to see it in the shade fair, though I imagine that won’t be ideal for everyone.

Again, sorry for the blurry, will work on it! I was blown away by Look Fantastic for days 9 to 16, almost everything was great but, again, I’ll let you know what everything is now.

Day 9 is another repeat product, for me, the Bella Pierre ‘Banana Powder’ is something I’ve had in another subscription box but is something I class as a pretty good product to get. I haven’t tried it yet but as long as it’s not Too yellow toned then I’ll be happy to have a backup, I’ve read good things. The Oskia London ‘Renaissance Mask’ was in Day 10 and it’s something I’ve never heard of before. I believe it’s a pretty high value sample and I’m rather intrigued by this face mask which smells like turkish delight.

Molton Brown is a pretty nice brand to get so the ‘Gingerlilly’ body wash was a good product for day 11, not massively exciting but ok, and a nice scent to it plus a very nice sized bottle. Another nice brand for Day 12, in the form of Caudalie. This is a sample of the ‘Vinosource Moisturising sorbet’ – Again not the most exciting but I’ll use, and enjoy, it.

Day 13 brought the original Morrocan Oil ‘Treatment’ which is something I’ve always wanted to try but never got around to. This is only a 15ml bottle but oil for the hair will go a really long way and it’s still a pretty good sized sample, I was really happy with this. I haven’t tried anything new from Korres in a long time so the ‘Wild Rose – Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial’ is a welcome sight. This is a 16ml sample which is worth around £7 so, although small, worth plenty. It’s an intriguing concept and I am looking forward to trying this out.

Day 15 contained my favourite product from either box, so far, a Look Fantastic branded contour brush. I love the rose gold handle, and the shape of it too, but the brush itself is the star of this one, it is such an amazing shape and the bristles are so so soft and lovely – I’ve not tried this yet but next time I wear a full face of makeup you can be sure that I will be. The ‘Queen of Hungary Mist’ by Omoroviza was the exciting product in the Day 16 box – This is a really high value sample that comes in a special bottle too. It is supposed to be refreshing to the skin as well as imparting various lovely ingredients too. After one spritz of this my skin felt lovely and soft but I don’t want to fall in love as it’s so high value haha!

Both advents did a great job and I can already tell you that there’s already more great products for the following days – I’m looking forward to sharing those with you in my next post.

Have you got an advent this year? Anything exciting? Which of these products really stands out to you?


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