Christmas Lip Balm Sets from Reese’s and Jelly Belly – Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for some, very last minute, stocking fillers then these Christmas Lip Balm Sets, that I’ve been sent to trial, may be exactly what you’re after. The perfect sugar free sweet treat, this Christmas, the Jelly Belly set is £4.50 from Primark and the Reese’s set is £8 from Top Shop so if you’re scouring the high street for last minute gifts then check these out.

Christmas Lip balm sets - reese's and jelly belly

I’m torn between which of these is my favourite as they are both so fun, but I think that the Reese’s one may just win it for me because I love chocolate and peanut butter flavours at the moment.

The Reese’s set comes in a lovely tin with a mirror and two lip balms, one Reese’s and one Reese’s Pieces – Although it costs more the tin is definitely a nice added bonus. Both lip balms are clearly very artificial smelling but they do have that Reese’s scent to them.

I think that the movie theme of the  Jelly Belly set is really sweet, especially the way that the mirror is shaped like a ticket. The flavours of the lip balm are really in keeping with the cinema theme, coming in ‘Candy Floss’, ‘Buttered Popcorn’ and ‘Cherry Cola’. I found the Cherry cola didn’t have the strongest smell but Buttered pop corn and Candy floss really remind me of the jelly beans, from Jelly Belly, that share the same name.

Chrisstmas Lip balm sets - 2 reese's lip balms and 3 Jelly belly

The mirror with the Reese’s one is much better quality than the Jelly Belly mirror, so that’s another explanation for the higher cost – I’m not sure I’ll use the film ticket mirror much but the peanut butter cup one is a definite keeper.

I also love the tin, I have absolutely no idea what I’ll store in it but I definitely need to keep it as I am that much of a fan of Peanut Butter cups – It’s a lovely little keepsake which I’m sure lots of people would like to get as a gift.

As someone who owns lots of lip balm I’m being a very kind Mummy and giving a lot of these to my 7-year-old. He loves lip balm so I’m giving him the Reese’s Pieces one, the Buttered Popcorn and the Cherry Cola – I’m keeping the Reese’s one and the Candy Floss one as they’re my favourite two. I’m going to pop them in his stocking but I have had a little sniff of them all (I’m sure he won’t mind!

I think these are a lovely gift for a beauty lover, a child who likes lip balm, a movie lover any any number of other people – I mean who doesn’t like sweetly scented lip balm?

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