Latest in Beauty Subscription – My picks for December 2017

I’m going to try not to ramble, too much, with this post but I won’t promise anything because it Is a subscription post and I seem to just want to talk and talk with these things! This post is for the Latest in Beauty subscription service (see the site here) with which you can pick the amount of products you get every month – If you pay £9 you get 3 products, £15 gets you 6 and £18 gets you 9 products. I’ve also had two additional samples in both my November box and this month’s box so I presume this is a feature (unless I’ve just got lucky. The 3, 6 or 9 products that you get, though, you can pick yourself which makes this a really unusual, and appealing, service.

Products from my Latest in Beauty subscription for 2017

And here’s what I got. The three products on the left are what I picked and then the two on the right were the added items – I will always be happy to see chocolate in a box so the little box of Lindt truffles made me rather happy. I haven’t tried a Weleda fragrance before but this ‘Jardin de Vie – Grenade’ was nice to try; it’s incredibly strong and has a really heady smell of oranges with some floral and sweet notes a little below that – It’s not the sort of thing I normally buy but smells rather amazing.

The first of the products that I picked was the Masque Bar ‘Green Tea Sheet Mask’ – I really, really don’t need any more sachet sheet masks but I’ve heard amazing things about Masque Bar so this called out to me. The Green Tea option was my choice because it’s supposed to be soothing, moisturising and refreshing and my skin could really do with all of those things.

Latest in beauty subscription products - Swatches of Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Hibiscus and Sleek Matte me in Birthday Suit

I picked the Revlon ‘Ultra HD Lipstick in Hibiscus’ because I don’t own many lip products by Revlon after a big clear and this one reminded me a bit of the lip butter in ‘Tutti Fruity’ which I used to love but had had too long. It’s not very wintery but it’s beautiful none the less and I’ll hopefully get some wear in Spring/Summer.

The second swatch is the Sleek ‘Matte Me liquid lipstick in Birthday Suit’ – This is another product that I recently decluttered, it was my first ever matte liquid lipstick and I got it years ago so I recently decluttered it and, so, I was really pleased that this popped up as one of the possible products. This is just a mini but I very rarely get to the end of a lip product so a mini will be sufficient. This is pretty much the perfect nude for me – It is pretty drying but I think I overlook it as I just love it with it having been my first ever experience of this type of product.

I really do like the set up for the Latest in Beauty subscription, I’ve already seen some products I’m looking forward to getting in January, if they’re still available.

What’s your favourite subscription at the moment? 


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