My Beauty Advent Calendars for 2017 – Amazon and Look Fantastic Day 17-25

And it’s over – Wow. It’s so weird to think how much lead up there is, the whole of December and more, for that one day and then it’s over in the blink of an eye. We had a lovely day, the boys were thrilled with their gifts, and we had a really chilled day but I still can’t believe it’s over. My beauty advent calendars were a lovely way to count down to the big day – If you want to know what I got in days 1-8 you can see my first post and days 9-16 are in my last advent post.

Beauty advent calendars 2017 - Days 17-24 of Amazon advent

First up we have my Amazon Beauty Advent which had 24 boxes. I say that this is days 17-24 but, actually I think I made a mistake and I think in my last post I included day 17 but listed it on day 16, oops!

As such, on day 16 (but day 17 for the sake of this post) I got a sample size of the Balance Me ‘Wonder Eye Cream’. I think I’ve had this in previous boxes and it’s a nice cream if not the most exciting thing ever. Day 18 contained a ‘Sugared Violet’ hand cream by Patisserie De Ban which I’ve not tried yet but it sounds rather lovely.

The Molton Brown ‘Black Peppercorn’ body lotion came in the day 19 box, not the most exciting again but a lovely brand and it smells really interesting. I’ve had the Percy & Reed ‘Shine & Fragrance Spray’ before and really liked it so I’m happy to have another can for Day 20.

Day 21 contains a product I have been considering trying for a little while anyway so I was rather pleased to see the Biore ‘Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips’ – I really like all sorts of face masks but I’ve wanted some of the nose strips and so these were a welcome addition. Essie is the brand in Day 22 – A rather beautiful red nail polish in the shade ‘Fishnet Stockings’ I really don’t need any red nail polish but I do think that Essie is a great brand to get so this may replace whatever red polish I have in my collection at the moment.

I knew that something from Bomb Cosmetics was going to be coming up in the calendar so when Day 23 was a bigger box I had a feeling that it would be a bath bomb and I was interested to see what scent it would be – It came in the scent ‘Cherry Bathe Well’ an it smells just lovely, I can’t wait to use it in our new bathroom. Christmas eve just had to contain something special and, although Rimmel is a high st brand, I was rather pleased to see a full 8 pan ‘Magnif’Eyes’ eye shadow palette in the shade ‘Keep Calm and Wear Gold’ in Day 24.

Beauty advent calendars for 2017 - Days 17-25 of Look Fantastic advent

And here’s what I got in days 17-25 of the Look Fantastic beauty advent calendar – It was a nice surprise to have this one come with 25 days, rather than 24, and especially because I could see that 25 had a huge box, which had me intrigued as to the contents.

As with the previous one, Day 17 (Which was actually mixed up and is day 16) was the Model Co retractable brow pencil in light/medium. I normally get medium to dark shades when I get brow products but I wanted to see what the formula of this was like and, despite the lightness, thought this looked quite nice and actually matched my natural hair colour more than  my brows naturally do anyway. Day 18 was amusing as it was the only true duplicate item between the two boxes, though this one was a smaller size, because in that day was the Dr Lipp ‘Nipple balm’, but as I said in my previous post, I like this product a lot so I’m perfectly happy with it.

On Day 19 we got a Crabtree & Evelyn ‘La Source’ hand cream which is rather intriguing as it contains some great sounding ingredients including hyaluronic acid and shea butter amongst much more; I forget to use hand cream a lot but I feel like this one might be a good one to get back in to the habit with. The Elemis ‘Pro Collagen Marine Cream’ came in the day 20 box. Moisturisers don’t overly excite me but this is a really high value sample (it’s 15ml and the, full sized, 50ml costs around £80!) which makes this pretty appealing.

I’ve already got one of the Magnitone ‘Wipe Out’ cloths which came in day 21 but it’s the type of product that I would happily have 4 or 5 of as I really like these. It’s one of the cloths that will remove your makeup with only water and they, actually, do a really great job – I really like these as a first cleanse, following up with something more nourishing to actually cleanse the skin once the cloth has removed the makeup. Day 22 was one of my favourite products from the box, a High Definition eye shadow palette in ‘Foxy’. This little palette contains 5 shadows and they feel absolutely amazing to touch and swatch,  I’ve not worn them yet but I love the look of the shades and this palette is worth £29!

The Doucce ‘Max Lash’ mascara sample was in Day 23 – I don’t know a lot about this brand but mascara samples are nice and this is quite a high value mascara so it’ll be nice to see what it’s like. In Day 24 we got the Dr Botanicals ‘Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil’ which is, I think, a full size. The product sounds really intriguing but it wasn’t as exciting as it normally would be because I think we’re getting this exact product in the January Glossybox. That said I love facial oils so if this one turns out to be good then I won’t complain.

And last, but certainly not least, is that product that came in that exciting bigger box on Day 25 and it didn’t disappoint! What the box contained was a gorgeous ‘Hello Glow’ set by Pixi which contain a Glow Booster in Peach Gold, a Blush Duo in Peach Honey and a Lip Lift Max in Honey Sheen. I have one of their glow boosters already but I haven’t tried it yet, and I’ve never tried either of the other products. I think this set is absolutely beautiful and so fitting to get for Christmas day, a really extra special treat. At £20 this is another high value product too.

I have been really happy with both of these beauty advent calendars this year and I can’t wait to make my way through the products from both of them. I’m not sure if I’d have been quite so happy if I’d paid the full £50 for the Amazon advent because, as great as it was, it doesn’t feel like it was worth quite as much as they said, it was really good though. I think that the Look Fantastic advent has been a real hit of luxury, though, and was definitely worth what they suggested with so many high end products and some fantastic, high value, full sized items too.

I’ve decided that, for 2018, I’m going to save up my Top Cash Back for the whole year (It already has over £50 in it) and, maybe, a little bit every month, in order to buy another higher value advent for next Christmas – It’s made a real difference to December having these to open and enjoy as the month went on. Of course, as a parent, Christmas is mostly for the kids, but it’s been nice to have something for me too. So don’t forget to follow on one of my various social media channels so you can see what I go for next year!

Did you have an advent this year? Was it good? Anything you think I should consider for Christmas 2018?



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