My Beauty Advent Calendars for Days 1-8 – Christmas 2017

I won’t write loads about these, because 16 products is going to be a lot to write about but I did want to show you what I’ve got in both my Look Fantastic and Amazon beauty advent calendars for this year. I was going to break it down in to groups of 6 but, life, so I’ve got the first 8 days to show you today so I’ll aim for 8, 16 and 24.

If you want to know how I got both of my beauty advent calendars for a really bargain price then check out my post from a couple of weeks ago which you can find here. Both calendars have been lots of fun, and it’s been lovely opening them each day and exciting to see what is in each box. I’ve had a few days which I’ve been less enthusiastic about, for both of them, but for the most part I have loved a lot of the products.

Beauty Advent Calendars - Products for Days 1-8 of the Amazon advent for Christmas 2017

And here’s days 1-8 of the Amazon beauty advent calendar – On Day 1 we got the Crabtree & Evelyn ‘Tarocco Orange’ hand cream which sounds just lovely (it’s sealed so don’t want to open it just yet as I have so many hand creams). You may recognise Day 2’s item from my Amazon beauty box post as it contained the Wunderbrow ‘Dual Precision Brush’ – A duplicate item is always a bit of a shame but, actually a brow brush is something I could probably do with a duplicate of so I’m quite happy!

In Day 3 was the Rituals ‘Ritual of Hammam’ shower foam which smells of eucalyptus and rosemary – I can’t wait to use this once our new shower is finished (Sarah from Life in a Breakdown assures me it is lovely). On Day 4 we got a Gatineau ‘Age Benefit Integral Regenerating Cream’ which is a rather nice 15ml sample as the full size is 50ml and is worth an eye watering £97!

In Day 5‘s box there was a product that I really like in the shape of Bourjois‘ ‘Rouge Velvet Lipstick’ in the shade ’02 Flaming Rose’ – Unfortunately I already have it (see my Boots Points Haul post) but I know it’s a lovely product and I’ll find a good home for it. Day 6 was the James Read ‘Gradual Tan Sleep Mask’ which is an instant nope for me as I don’t tan, but it’ll find itself in a giveaway at some point I expect.

I really like Day 7 as I got Barry M‘s ‘Glitterati Nail Polish’ in the shade ‘Rockstar’ and I love the grey/black shade with all the gorgeous glitter, I’d quite like to paint my nails sometime soon as it just looks so pretty. Some people got other shades, though, and I was lucky enough to get the one from the range which I love the most. Lastly, for this post, is Day 8 which you can deduce is a pair of Ardell ‘Demi Whispies’ which are a lash I’ve heard a lot about, and they’re meant to be lovely but lashes just aren’t for me.

All in all, though, I will use most of these products and am really excited about a few of them. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the days have to offer.

Beauty Advent Calendars - Products for days 1-8 from the Look Fantastic advent for Christmas 2017

The Look Fantastic beauty advent calendar has been really exciting, too, and you can tell it’s slightly more luxury (though with the higher price tag that’s what you’d expect) and I’ve been happy with almost everything I’ve had. I think LF were very clever in their choice of Day 1 because I have to admit I was blown away by a full sized Illamasqua ‘Lava Lips’ marbled lipstick in the shade ‘Vixen’ – I believe these were limited edition and the shade is a gorgeous red marbled with a paler shade, it’s so pretty on the lips and it really did make the perfect start to the advent. Day 2 was another full sized makeup product in the shape of the Ciate ‘Fierce Flicks’ liner pen – This one isn’t for me as I don’t use eyeliner much and I already have an unopened one of these but, again, ideal for someone else in a giveaway!

The Grow Gorgeous ‘Scalp Detox’ was in Day 3 and I’ve never heard of this brand, or product, before but I’m really intrigued and looking forward to trying it. Day 4‘s ‘Ultra Repair Cream’ by First Aid Beauty was another product that really excited me – I’ve heard a lot about this brand from various YouTubers and this is a really amazing sized sample.

Balance Me is one of those brands that I don’t think I’ve ever bought but I’ve tried so many of their products because they come in boxes and that’s something that makes me really happy as I love them. Their ‘Fresh Cleanse Micellar Water’ was in Day 5. In Day 6 I found yet another exciting sample from a brand I’ve not tried much. I seem to have photographed the back of the This Works ‘In Transit Camera Close Up’ but the tube claims to be a mask, moisturiser and primer all in one which is fascinating.

First brand to appear in both boxes is James Read which was for Day 7 – Again this is a tanning product but the ‘H2O Illuminating Tan Mist’ is rather interesting – It has some skincare ingredients as well as offering a soft shimmer and gentle gradual tan. This is probably the most appealing tan product I’ve come across so may give it a try. Lastly, for Day 8, there was the Redken ‘No Blow Dry Airy Cream’ for fine hair. I’ve never tried a product like this, I don’t think, but my hair has become a lot finer, recently, due to some health stuff so it’s  interesting to see what this is like.

And that’s both of the advents. The value for both has been pretty impressive, thus far, and I’m really excited to see what the rest of the days have to offer in the lead up to Christmas!

Do you have an advent? What have you been getting so far? 


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