Unboxing my Glossybox for December 2017

I’ve been really enjoying Glossybox since I resubscribed so I’ve been looking forward to seeing what was in the Glossybox for December 2017. The November box was spot on for me and, again, this month I feel like the box has been great; so read on to see what I got.

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Glossybox for December 2017 - The box with the quote 'Mince Pies Starry Skies'

The box for this month is nice, it’s rather unusual and the design itself isn’t overly Christmassy but I like the quote in the top in gold – ‘Mince Pies – Starry Skies’. I do like the patterned boxes and have a few permanent ones in my collection for storing my samples; they’ll look great displayed in my Kallax unit once our bedroom is set up.

Contents of the Glossybox for December 2017

And here’s what was in the box – Again another box with a lot of cosmetics in it, and almost everything full sized products which is exactly what I hope for in most boxes. When you consider that Glossybox is £10 a month, plus postage, or less if you subscribe for a few months at once, the value of this box is rather impressive, but I’ll go in to more details as I explain more.

The first item in this month’s box was a little added extra, some little sweets from Raffaello – I’ve not tried them yet but I love coconut, which is the main flavour in these, so that was a little win for me. Next we have a full sized ‘Precision Tip Eyeliner’ pen from Steve Laurant. I’ve not heard of this brand before, and liquid eyeliner isn’t normally my thing, but I have had some success with finer tipped products and this one does come out  super black so I will give it a try – This is worth £18.

Next we have the only sample sized product from the box, the Soaper Duper ‘Rich and Creamy Shea Butter Body Wash’ – I actually had this in another box, recently, and have already started using it from there. It’s got a rather milky, slightly sweet/nutty scent to it and it’s really creamy and foams up nicely. This is a 100ml sample and the full sized costs £6.50 for 500ml so this is worth £1.30 and is a good sized sample.

I was really excited to see the Laqa & Co ‘Cloud lips’ lipstick in the shade ‘Dreamer’ as I’ve seen this come up in various YouTube unboxing videos from YouTubers in the US and I thought they looked really pretty. There are various shades of this product but ‘Dreamer’ would easily be my favourite, it’s absolutely beautiful. It feels so incredibly light on the lips and has good longevity, it does become a bit drying after a while but not awfully so. These cost £12.70 – See the swatch below.

Swatch of the Laqa and Co Cloud lips in Daydream - From the Glossybox for December 2017

The penultimate product is the Model Co 3D Lash Primer which is something I’ve not heard of before. I’ve, obviously, heard of lash primers but I’ve never tried one and didn’t know that Model Co did one. I’m quite intrigued by this and looking forward to seeing what it does as I already have quite long, full lashes. This is another full size and is worth £7.

The last product, and joint favourite with the Laqa product for me, is the Naobay ‘Equilibria Gel to Milk Cleanser’. A full sized cleanser is a definite winner for me and one by a brand like Naobay is bound to make me happy. I’ve not got a favourite cleanser, at the moment, I’m trying out lots of different beauty box samples so this came at a great time – It starts out as a gel consistency and when you add water it becomes milky, this really has me intrigued and I can’t wait to get through my current samples to give this one a try. This is worth £15.99.

And that’s the box – I think it’s suitably festive with a lovely Winter lip colour, the eyeliner for if you want to dress up a bit and the primer to give you party ready lashes. Both of the skin and body care items are spot on for getting yourself in to perfect party this Christmas. The value of the box is £54.99 which I think is absolutely awesome considering the £10 price tag. Another great box, this month Glossbox!

What’s your favourite product from this month’s box? Have you had a subscription box which has made you really happy recently? 


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