Friday, 24 February 2017

My February Lush haul and first impressions - First Lush order in so long!

I haven't shopped with Lush for the longest amount of time, I don't get the chance enjoy baths due to my health (very hard to get in to the tub, and end up more exhausted after a bath than before) but I have decided that I wanted to invest in some more special stuff so that I can try to start enjoying them again rather than them just being functional. 
I saw some of the valentines Lush products on Instagram, and it really got me interested in trying some of them out, re-purchasing some old favourites and also getting some things which I've seen recommended by others bloggers and vloggers.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The 2017 Quick Reads Books - A quick overview and a giveaway

I love books. If you know me you already know that and if you don't know me but have seen my blog or social media then you probably already know that too. Books are my main form of entertainment, of escapism and of relaxation, they are just a massively important part of my life.
Not everyone feels that way about books, though, and that's fine, we don't enjoy the same things. But sometimes people have things that stop them from reading even if they want to - Maybe they have health issues that prevent concentration, maybe they don't have the time, maybe they don't know what type of book they enjoy or maybe they find a long book a bit much to get started with. 
And there's where the 'Quick Reads' concept steps in. Every year they commission well-known authors to write short books and they release them for £1 (though sometimes they've even cheaper!) and you can get them in paper form or e-book. There's 6 books, per year, and they make a great starting point for a new reader, or for the person with a busy schedule and only a few minutes to give to reading, or even just for someone who loves books but wants something short and sweet to keep them going. 
I love the idea of Quick Reads, and what it stands for, so I was thrilled to be offered the chance to read them all this year. I was, also, accidentally, sent two sets so I also have a full set to send to one of you in a giveaway! (see the end of the post for how to enter)

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Our First Thoughts on the Schleich 'Farm World Starter Set'

With the big age gap (almost 6 years) between the boys it's really nice when there are toys that they can play with together. Ethan's mostly in to lego and computer games which are, unfortunately, not overly Oliver friendly (lego is one of the toy types which has to be played with in his room) but he does enjoy playing with figures too and this is something that they have started to do together. 
And that's what came to mind when I was offered the chance to trial the Schleich Farm World Starter Set - Something for the boys to enjoy together. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Makeup Revolution 'Illuminating Fixing Spray' (coming soon) and I Heart Makeup 'Fast Love' palette from Tam beauty

A couple of bits from Tam beauty came through the letter box and other day and I was very excited to see what was inside - I've ordered a few bits from them recently, but didn't post about them because I wasn't doing so well health wise so it's nice to have some things to show you all. These were sent, completely by surprise, but I have been very happy with them and, so, looking forward to sharing my thoughts. 

As a quick warning, this post is very very picture heavy, haha, but I think it's worth it! 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Birchbox UK - Unboxing/Review - February 2017

It feels as though, some months, there's barely a fortnight between boxes - I'm not sure if that speaks of the erratic schedule that the box companies have or if it's just my inability to keep track of time, but either way it feels like barely any time since the January box arrived and here I am writing about February's offering. 
As always, if you like the look of the box, and you decide to sign up, then you can use my code: - I have really enjoyed this month's box and, based on a sneak peak, am already looking forward to March. Birchbox is the only box I've kept up, whilst all of the others (and there's been a few) have fallen by the way side. That's not to say that I think the boxes are perfect, some months are less inspiring than others, but I have consistently enjoyed them and there's always the odd month that blows me away. 

If you feel the same way, and you sign up with my link (above) then we'll both get points to spend in the Birchbox shop which are a great way to make additional purchases (see a shop haul coming up in the next couple of weeks). 

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Foundation sponge or brush? Testing time with Brush Works

I was sent two products to test out, from Brush works, far too long ago. I was about to explain why it's taken me so long to write about them but, my goodness, it would be a long and pointless explanation. Needless to say, there's been lots of reasons why I've only just been able to put these two products to test, but I've really enjoyed putting them to the test now that I have been able to. 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Colour Me Romantic - With Living Nature

'Living Nature' are a brand I've tried a few times in the past, I've really enjoyed their skincare, products which are full of certified natural ingredients, but have never tried any cosmetics by them before. Based on how much I like their skincare, though, I was really pleased to be given the chance to try out one of their lipsticks which currently features in the 'Colour Me Romantic' lipstick set. 

Friday, 3 February 2017

My Super Simple, Minimalist Bullet Journal

If you haven't heard of Bullet Journals I'd be really surprised. The concept is everywhere at the moment and, to some, I'm sure it seems like a bit of a fad and you're waiting for the next craze to come along. But, this time, I can confidently tell you that there's good reason why Bullet Journalling has taken off in such a way, and why I think it's here to stay - It works. For so many people this style of planning is a real life changer and, I for one, can see myself using this system for the very, very long term. 

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