My beautiful Imperial Candle ring

I posted, in my main gift guide for 2017, that I recommend Imperial Candles as a great gift idea after I was sent one to try out this Christmas but I hadn’t reached the jewel in my candle at that point so couldn’t show you what I’d got and promised I’d come back and show you at a later date. I am so pleased to be coming back to show you my Imperial candle ring, now, especially because I’m a little bit in love with it.

Santa's cookies candle - From 'my imperial candle ring' post

I picked the ‘Santa’s Cookies’ candle, when given the choice, because I just love sweet foodie scents and cookies sounded like it would be exactly to my taste and I was right, it really was. This candle smelled ever so beautiful and was a pleasure to burn. When my Mum came home on the day that I started burning it the first thing she said was ‘Ooh are you burning your new candle?’ because the scent throw had spread so far that she smelled it the moment she came in through the door. It smelled beautifully sweet and just like cookies baking.

The candle cost £25.99, from the Christmas range, and I was really pleased that I was able to pick my ring size. You could pick a ring, necklace or earrings with this particular candle, I went for a ring because that’s the jewellery I’m most likely to wear.

My beautiful imperial candle ring

And this is what I got! I have to admit that I was expecting something that wasn’t to my style, a lot of the rings that you see are very big and bright so when I opened up the little foil pouch I was utterly thrilled to see something at is in the exact style I love.

I checked the little code that comes with the ring and it is valued at £35 and is sterling silver. The stone, although obviously not a genuine gem stone, is incredibly sparkly and oh so beautiful (the photo doesn’t dot it justice). I really like the little tiny stones set in the band of the ring as well as the massive sparkly stone in the centre and the actual shape of the band is my absolute favourite when it comes to rings – I’ve owned two rings in this ‘twist’ style before, it’s just so perfect for me.

I know that you can get absolutely anything when you get one of these candles, if I were to get another one I’d probably get something bigger and brighter without that twist style that I love. But I do feel so glad that I got something that I love so much – I don’t really care that it wasn’t one of the super high value ones because it is something that I have worn many times already and that matters a lot more than what it’s worth.

I’m a bit tempted to get another candle, or one if Imperials’ other products, just to see what I got next time even though I doubt I’d be so lucky again. The whole process was incredibly exciting, I can understand why people end up getting more than one of these. Maybe I’ll have another post like this in the future, watch this space.

Have you ever tried a candle with jewellery in? 

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