Unbagging the December 2017 Lip Monthly – My first ever bag

I have seen Lip Monthly featured on a few YouTube videos, and on a couple of blogs, and as a lip product lover I really wanted to give it a go.  I remember looking it up a couple of years ago but I think that the cost for postage, and potential customs, put me off but the price is, actually, not that bad now and with the cost of the bag and postage added together it comes to around £13 which is the same as boxes such as Glossybox and Birchbox and is below the customs threshold. As well as that, the first bag is only $5, so with postage it only cost me £4.99. Obviously coming from the US means that my bags won’t always be here that quickly so that’s why the December 2017 Lip Monthly is going up in January.

If you decide to sign up (I think everyone’s first bag is $5 so check it out, or if not then there’ll be another offer) then please go ahead and use my referral code as it’ll earn me some points which I can use for an extra product in a future bag – https://lipmonthly.com/referral/rJcd90ExM

December 2017 Lip Monthly bag - Cream and pale brown geometric bag

This is the bag that came with the December 2o17 Lip Monthly – The bag is a little smaller than I expected (Maybe all the YouTubers hold it really closely to the camera haha) but I think it’s a nice design (not very festive?) and I might pop the bag itself in to my next giveaway as if I stay subscribed for a little while then I may end up with a few.

Contents of December 2017 Lip Monthly bag - A lip scrub, face mask, highlighter and Liquid lipstick

Lip Monthly promise that their bags come with 4 to 5 full sized products and that all of them will be lip products apart from one – In my first bag I got 4 products and 2 of them were non lip products so I was a little confused. I wrote to them to ask what was meant to be in the bag and they explained there had been a bit of a problem and they’d send me the missing item plus something else to make up for it which I thought was rather nice. I’ll show you what they sent in a minute.

The first item to come, originally, was the orange tube which contains Jor’El Parker ‘Fango Mud Therapy’ which, as far as I can tell is a mask which you can use on both the skin and the face. This month’s bag doesn’t come with an info sheet so I can’t tell you a lot about it but it has some rather nice ingredients in it and is a 30ml tube which holds quite a nice amount of product. I can’t imagine that I’ll use it much on my body so I’ll be trying it out as a face mask.

Next I got the Peony ‘Luminizing Stick’ in ‘Pink Glow’ – This is a peachy toned product with a pink glow to it, it’s really pretty but was hard to photograph. It’s in a stick format and I really like the look of it and can’t wait to try it out. This was the second non-lip product in my bag. You can see it swatched, on the right, in the photo below but it was hard to get the pink sheen to show up on camera.

Swatches of the products in the December 2017 Lip Monthly bag

The next product I got is the Bella Pierre ‘Kiss Proof Lip Cream’ in the shade ‘Orchid’. I’ve had one of these, in a different shade, in another box so was happy to see this. I loved the look of the shade but was a bit disappointed to see that it swatches quite patchily and I found it was similar on the lips, it also has a bit of a funky smell to it so I’m not 100% on it – It was sealed though so I’ll be giving it another go and maybe trying it on top of something moisturising to help it drag less and help it be less drying.

The last item in the bag was the Chap Stick ‘Total Hydration’ lip scrub which is in the smell/flavour of ‘Fresh Peppermint’. I don’t think I’ve seen these in the UK so I was happy to get this, I love lip scrubs and getting US products was one of the reasons I signed up. Although this is pretty low value I was very happy to get it.

Additional products from the December 2017 Lip monthly, two lipsticks and a lip pencil

And here’s what they sent me to apologise for the missing product (sorry about the bottom one being blurry, it did not want to focus on that one). I was only expecting the lip pencil (which is what I was meant to get originally) and one lipstick so it was rather nice to get both!

The IBY Beauty lip pencil comes in the shade ‘Bliss’ and, as you can see from the swatch photo below, it’s a beautiful berry shade that was clearly meant to pair with the Bella Pierre lipstick. The pencil feels really nice and swatches well and even if I find that I don’t get along with the BP product then I’ll find something else to use this with as it’s really pretty.

Close up of the two lipsticks from the December 2017 Lip monthly bag

And here are the three products again – At the very top we have the NYC ‘Expert Last Lip Color’ in the shade ‘Creamy Caramel’ (please forgive the slight dent in the top, may have bashed it against my photo tile) and lower down we have the Manna Kadar ‘Liplocked Priming Lipstick’ but I don’t know what the shade is – I think the plastic seal may have it on there but there’s nothing on the packaging itself to say it again, it’s very pretty though.

Swatches of the lipsticks and lip pencil from the December 2017 Lip monthly bag

And here they are swatched, though I seem to have messed up the order. At the top (or far right) we have the Manna Kadar lipstick, in the middle is the NYC in ‘Creamy Caramel’ and at the bottom we have the IBY lip pencil.

I really like all three of these products, and lipsticks make me very happy, but I am gifting the NYC one to a friend who is just discovering lipsticks and trying to work out what she likes. She asked me for a brown-toned nude and look what I got! I love the shade, and have tried it on, I think it’s beautiful but I don’t need it, I have plenty of nude shades. I will be keeping the Manna Kadar one, though, as it’s a really lovely formula and my kind of shade.

So that’s the December 2017 Lip Monthly bag. It doesn’t look like my January bag has been shipped, yet, so safe to say we’ll be getting that in February but I assume most UK readers won’t be seeing a lot about these anyway so even seeing them a month late could be interesting. I hope so!

Do you love lip products as much as me? Does the idea of a mostly lip product oriented bag fill you with as much joy as it does me too?


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