Unbagging my January 2018 Lip Monthly

I did not think I was going to get the January 2018 Lip Monthly post done in January as it comes all the way from the US, and because my account said my bag was still in the warehouse, but it arrived a few days ago, much to my surprise! I am rather happy that I can get my post up in January, even if I am still behind the US bloggers of course haha.

Lip monthly is $12.95 plus shipping (if you’re in the UK, not sure if there’s shipping in the US) of $3.99 – When added together this comes in at around £13 which means you’re safe from customs and is about the same price as most UK subscription services. If you want to sign up you can use the code 50OFF to get your first bag for half price, and if you use my referral link I’d be incredibly grateful! https://lipmonthly.com/referral/rJcd90ExM

The January 2018 Lip Monthly bag - A small black bag with white star pattern

I like the little bag for this month – It’s a slightly shiny fabric and is black with little white polka dots and stars, a sweet little bag which I may be able to find a use for.

The contents of the January 2018 lip momthly - A Laritzy lip liner, a blue Isabelle Dupont eyeliner, a nude cosmoholic lip gloss and a Matte lipstick from Mirabella

And here’s what I got. I’m not sure if it’s 4 lip products or 3 lip products and one eye product because the Isabelle Dupont pencil is listed, on the info card, as a lip liner but being bright blue I assumed it was an eye liner. I can’t find much about it online so it’s a bit of a mystery!

But either way, a nice selection of products an, as always, from brands I’ve not even heard of before – It’s one of the big draws of Lip Monthly because the brands are often US brands and, so, aren’t ones which we get here so often.

Starting at the top, left, I got a Cosmoholic liquid lip in an unknown shade. It’s supposed to be full sized but, to be honest, it seems a lot like a sample size as it has no writing on it and no shade name. It’s a really pretty colour, though, and is much more glossy than the name suggests – It’s not a matte liquid lip but more like a very pigmented lip gloss.

As I said I’m not 100% sure if the Isabella Dupont pencil is for the lip or the eyes but what I do know is that I won’t be using this shade so I’ll be popping it in my next giveaway – I’m sure it will make someone else very happy. Obviously, because I will be passing it along, I won’t be swatching it but you can see that it’s a beautiful electric blue. The card lists that it’s $16.99 which is an impressive value.

A close up of the products from the January 2018 Lip monthly - A red lipstick and and red lip liner

The Mirabella lipstick is from their matte range and is a beautiful bright red, it’s in the shade ‘Crimson’. I probably don’t need another red lipstick but I don’t think I have a matte red which I love, at the moment, so this is in the running for that spot. This is worth $22.

Swatches of the products from the January 2018 Lip Monthly - Nude lip gloss, red lipstick and a red lip liner

And here’s everything swatched. The Cosmoholic liquid lip on the left, the matte red by Mirabella in the middle and on the right is a gorgeous deep red lip liner from Laritzy (sorry that it’s out of focus in the main photo, working on that, camera won’t play nicely) in the shade ‘Jewel’. I definitely don’t have a lip liner in this shade and this swatches really, really, nicely so I think it might be my favourite item in the bag. At $18 this is a pretty pricey liner and brings the bag value to $81.98.

I like the January 2018 Lip Monthly bag and I think I’ll get good use out of the three products that I’m keeping. Do I feel like the bag is worth $81.98? Nope. Do I feel like it’s worth a good deal more than £13? Yes, by a long way!

I’ve already picked my shades for some of next month’s products so I’m looking forward to seeing what is included (you get to pick shades, sometimes, but don’t know what the products are). If you’d like to see my December unbagging you can find it here.

What do you think of the bag? What’s your stand out product this month?


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