Unboxing my Glossybox for January 2018

The Glossybox for January 2018 will be my last GB post for a little while, because I’ve decided to stop all beauty boxes (apart from Latest in Beauty, for now) because I have so many samples that I need to use up and I don’t want to add to them quicker than I can use them. I have been really enjoying Glossybox, though, so I expect I’ll be re-starting it once I’ve got my collection to a more manageable level. This month’s box is a pretty impressive value (I’ll pop that in at the end) so I’ve been looking forward to showing you what I got. If you want to see what I got in December, then see my post here.

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Glossybox for January 2018 - Pink tissue paper with glossybox logo sticker

This month, with Glossybox, is about ‘rebooting and rejuvenating’ – They have explained that the products that they picked are about helping indulge in some self-care as we usher in the new year, a concept I can definitely get on board with.

Glossybox for January 2018 - a box of Boots 'Beauty Beneath' supplements

The biggest item in the box took up almost the entirety of it and came in the shape of the Boots ‘Beauty Beneath Supplements’. These are supposed to help with collagen production and contain a wide range of ingredients which claim to fade fine lines and wrinkles. I can’t say I’ve ever put much credence in to supplements but, then, I’ve never really given them much of a go and these are certainly interesting, if they work. At £39.99 this is a month’s supply of supplements and, price wise, covers almost the whole cost I’d expect from a Glossybox (they tend to be around £40-£50 in value) which is rather impressive. These won’t be for everyone but it’s something a bit different and you can’t sniff at the value.

Glossybox for January 2018 - The contents; a nail oil, a cream blush, a green tea primer and a face oil

And, value wise, it doesn’t stop there. Most of the products in the January box are of a really impressive value and, again, there’s some really nice products. On the far left we have the lowest costing item in the box and that’s the Nail Medic ‘Nail and Cuticle Energizer’ which is an oil that’s meant to hydrate and strengthen the nail area. At £5.99 this is a full sized item and is one of the products in the box that I’m most excited to use, I love nail oils and this one is really interesting (no less because of the bright purple shade!). Considering the small area that it’s used on this should last a really, really long time too as it’s really big for this kind of product.

I was a bit disappointed, when I first saw the box, because I thought that there was no makeup products in the box, but looks can be deceiving, there’s a cream blush in the box! The tube at the top left is the Apicia cream blush which, having looked at their website, is the only shade they do (I think). It’s listed as a universal shade and it’s a very orangey toned, blush (Glossybox call it a ‘deep honey pink’)

Glossybox for January 2018 - A spot of the Apicia cream blush which is an orange looking tone

It’s a really light textured cream and feels weightless on the skin. When I first squeezed a spot of it out of the tube I thought it was really orange but, once it’s blended a little, it looks much nicer.

Glossybox for January 2018 - A blended swatch of the Apicia cream blush - an orange toned blush shade

I patted this in so the edges are a little less blended out, it was just for a quick swatch. I think it’s really pretty and on the cheeks it should make a rather natural glow (keep in mind I used quite a lot of product and only patted it in to a small area for this one. This blush is worth £22.

At the bottom, in the middle, of the product photo we have the Evelyn Iona ‘Green Tea Primer’ (see how wrong I was about no cosmetics?). This primer is vegan, cruelty free and paraben free – A rather nice list of attributes. The ingredients promise to both moisturise the skin and prime it in order to help makeup last longer which is a perfect combination for me. This is worth £22 and I’m really looking forward to trying it out.

The last item is the Dr Botanicals ‘Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil’ – This is a product that I would have been much more excited by if I hadn’t just got it in a recent advent calendar. That said I think it looks really nice and if I like it as much as I expect to then I may well want a second bottle! This is packed with amazing ingredients and I love oils for the face. The only, non, full-sized product in the box this is a 15ml travel size. The full size, though, is 30ml and costs £42.99 which makes this sample an impressive £21.49.

And that’s the box. Oddly, when I told one of my friends about it I said I wasn’t overly excited about this month’s box despite the amazing value but, actually, over the past few days I’ve realised I actually am really happy with it. Three of the products are really exciting, one is exciting but I already own it and the other isn’t really my thing but is still a great idea. When you consider that these boxes cost a little over £10 and that the contents of this box would cost you £111.47 – Well the price speaks for itself. I’m very impressed with this month’s box and I think I’ll have to avoid posts for the next few months so that I don’t see what I’m missing out on during my pause. I think it’s safe to say that Glossybox is likely to be back on my blog before long, though.

Are you as impressed with this month’s box as I am? Do you  have a favourite subscription at the moment?


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