Breathtaking Mother’s Day Flowers with Prestige

When Prestige offered to send me one of their bouquets of Mother’s Day Flowers I had no hesitation to say yes. For many years I didn’t really understand the desire for cut flowers as they didn’t live long, but over the past year or so I’ve really come to love them and whenever I get the chance to buy some flowers to brighten up the living room I will. Prestige is one of those brands I’ve heard of many times before but not, yet, ordered from and I was intrigued to see what their Mother’s Day flowers range contained –

Mother's days flowers from Prestige - a bouquet of dusky pink roses, pink roses with deep pink tips, and unopened lilies

I had no idea what flowers I’d be getting, when the box arrived, and they arrived on a really difficult day so I didn’t even open the box instantly. But, my goodness, when I did I was met with the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever had. I’ve had nice flowers before, don’t misunderstand me, but these flowers were so perfect for me – They are even the shades of pink that I love above all else. I was sent a bunch of flowers from the luxury range, I think it’s the Paris bouquet which you can find on the link above.

Mother's days flowers from Prestige - A dusky pink rose

My absolute favourite, from the whole bouquet, is these dusky pink roses. I have photos of these saved to my pinterest because they are, just, perfection to me. I love the soft, almost lilac, hues and how subtle they are, so perfect.

Mother's days flowers from Prestige - a soft pink rose with deep pink tips

The slightly brighter pink roses, with bright pink tips, are a wonderful accompaniment to the dusky pink roses as they both complement them and give a slight contrast to them. Less lilac these are a much pinker bloom.

Mother's days flowers from Prestige - a pink lily with bright pink

The lilies took a little while to open but when they did they were a wonderful surprise. As with the roses the bouquet came with two colours of lily. I love lilies that look almost water colour, the way in which they look like they’ve been painted with one colour on top of the other – These are a beautiful pale shade with a ‘painting’ of that brighter, deeper pink.

Mother's days flowers from Prestige - A deep pink Lily

And then these lilies really bring the whole bouquet to life – The deep, rich raspberry colour adds a real depth to the whole arrangement and makes for an eye catching element.

And that’s the flowers. I honestly don’t think I could have loved them more and they really cheered me up at a time when I needed it. I think that this bouquet, or any of the others from the Mother’s Day flowers range from Prestige would be an amazing gift for the special Mum in your life.

The flowers came amazingly well packaged and suffered no damage at all in the post, the bouquet itself wrapped in lovely paper and tied with a rustic looking twine – They were safe left in the box for a little while because they had waterlogged packaging around the bottom of the stems. There was lots of really helpful information with them and it made it much easier when it came to the arranging, I felt confident that I could give the flowers the length of life they deserved for blooms so beautiful.

Mother's days flowers from Prestige - teddy bear and a box of chocolates sat on a sofa

As well as the bouquet of flowers, and a beautifully simple vase, my box contained an adorable teddy bear and a delicious smelling box of chocolates. The vase, and both gifts, are add on’s to the bouquet and they make for a lovely way to complete the gift. I had no idea that these were coming so I can attest that they will make a lovely surprise to whoever you’re sending your Mother’s Day flowers to – I’ve given the teddy a few cuddles on sad days and I haven’t tried the chocolates yet (reduced appetite) but they smell absolutely divine.

If you have someone you want to spoil this Mother’s day then I think that you couldn’t so far wrong with flowers, and maybe more, from Prestige this year. It certainly put a big smile on my face.

Do you like cut flowers? What do you think makes the perfect Mother’s day gift?

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