My ‘Words of Wisdom’ candle from Gemporia

Gemporia asked if they could send me one of their new birthstone candles a few months ago but, due to some postal issues, mine got lost. It’s a shame as their birthstone candles look absolutely beautiful and I’d have really loved an amethyst one (I’m a February birthday) but my disappointment was short lived when they told me they had something perfect in mind to send me instead.

The box for a Gemporia Words of Wisdom candle - A white box with silver writing

And they were right. This last few weeks have been utterly awful, I may write a blog post about it when I’m ready (watch this space), and this candle instantly seemed like the ideal thing to cheer me up, a really lovely idea when you’re in a tough spot. The ‘Words of Wisdom’ candles are sold as a pair (£29.99 for 2).

The packaging, as you can see, it really beautiful – The card that the box is made of is strong and sturdy and the detailing, in silver, gives it a really great look. If you were giving one of these as a gift you almost wouldn’t need to wrap it as it’s so pretty.

A Gemporia candle, in a white pot, with the words 'Words of Wisdom' written on it

I really like the way the candle, itself, looks. I’m not sure what the pot is made of but the matte white would go with most colour schemes and I like the writing on it too. I think this it the kind of container I might re-use in the future, maybe for makeup brushes or fake flowers, it’s the sort of thing you don’t want to get rid of.

A lit Gemporia, 'Words of Wisdom' candle

The candle comes with a black obsidian stone set in to the wax, and that’s where you’ll find your word of wisdom once it’s melted down enough. I quite like how you can see it popping out the top as a little reminder of what’s to come.

The candle is amber scented and that’s not a scent I can really describe but it’s one I recognise from other products and fragrances. It’s a very pretty smell, natural almost. It’s delicate but still something you notice, an I think most people would like it – It isn’t too overpowering. When you burn the candle the scent travels well, but it’s not one that’ll fill the whole floor of a house like some do, it just subtly fragrances the room, but you really notice it when you walk in to a space.

The flame of the Gemporia 'Words of Wisdom Candle' - Stone embedded is showing the word 'Relax'

It didn’t take long, at all, to uncover my secret word. I hadn’t checked out the Gemporia site before getting to this point, so didn’t know what to expect, but I think I was hoping for a deep and meaningful word like ‘strength’. What I, actually, got was ‘Relax’ which, if I’m honest, is probably far more suitable! I have had to deal with an awful lot this past few weeks and things aren’t likely to get much easier for some time so the word ‘Relax’ is definitely one I should take away with me.

Now that I’ve checked the site I’ve seen that there’s four different options for the words and that’s probably my only criticism; it would be nice if there were more words of wisdom.

The stone from a Gemporia candle - Round, black obsidian stone with the word 'Relax' written in gold writing.

The black obsidian is perfectly shaped and polished and a lovely size to hold in the palm of your hand. I really like how there’s a slightly different colour running through it, it looks really pretty, and it also makes each stone completely individual as it’s just a natural variation that you get with many types of gem stone.

I really like the idea behind Gemporia’s ‘Words of Wisdom’ candles. I can see these being a great gift idea, or a lovely pick-me-up when life’s getting on top of you a bit and you need something to help you focus, or become inspired again. When you consider that they’re £29.99, for two, and you get two great quality gemstones, two candles to burn and two containers to keep, I think that’s a pretty good price. I’m very interested to see what else Gemporia do, and those birthstone candles really are rather tempting.

Do you like little reminders like this to keep going through hard times? Is there anything in particular you find inspiring or motivating when you’re down? I’d love to know. 

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